Wednesday, 3 June 2009

OPINION: Money more important than service?

OPINION: Money more important than service?

By Karen Osborne

At the end of June we are losing our country bus service to a large
company which usually works in areas where there are bus stops.

We have a bus stop, but it's down at the shop, 2 or 3 km from where I
live. I have been lucky enough to be brought with my weekly groceries
to where I live in Thornicroft Road (at an extra cost to me) by our
existing bus service. And it's a great help as I'm home in a quarter
of an hour instead of 2-2 1/2 hours later, walking with heavy

It was our downfall when the Regional Council decided to contract out
our service. Another owner/driver will no longer exist, because to
them money is more important than service.

The Regional Council's attitude to Graeme McDonald's Palmerston
Minibus Services is that his extra help with service was his choice.
Don't they realise it was because of this extra help that his service
was being used?

Thank you Graeme.

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