Friday, 8 May 2009



By Nathan Parker and June Anderson

There have been changes to the school over the holidays: Room One and
Two are now enlarged and the admin block has had all its internal
structure pulled out ready for its refit.

There has been lots of correspondence from the Ministry of Health and
Education on the flu epidemic. We have talked to the children about the
recommendations that have been made to us so far:

• stay at home and away from others if you are
• cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue
• put used tissues into a rubbish bin
• avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth germs
  spread that way
• be careful to wash hands often with soap and
 dry them thoroughly hand
• hygiene is critical: even when you start to feel
  better there is still a risk of infecting others, so
  keep to the 20/20 rule: 20 seconds washing and
  20 seconds drying keep surfaces clean at
  home, school and work.

The end of term Black and White themed disco was lots of fun with the
highlights being the wonderful dancing and the stilt-walking Paul.
Thanks again to all who made this happen.

Last year the National Education and Monitoring Programme's (NEMP)
showed poor results in primary science. With this in mind the school
has chosen Science as a major focus for this year. During the Easter
holidays teachers attended the Science Conference in Dunedin. Its theme was
"Science talk from the classroom to the dinner table". The conference
was a huge hit with the staff and we arrived back this term with
fresh ideas and lots of practical skills to share in the classes. We
hope that the conference theme lives up to its name!

A Marae visit has been planned for June. The whole school will be
attending and some
pupils and families will be sleeping over.

Matariki will be celebrated with our annual lantern festival and beach
clean between 23-25 June.

Heading into winter weather, if the school is closed this will be
relayed through the cancellations section on the radio. The radio
network broadcasts cancellations are on Classic Hits 89.4FM and
Newstalk ZB 1044AM.

A draft School Charter will be reviewed at the Board meeting ready for
community consultation. This is the driving documentation behind the
school and will give us direction over the next 3 years.


Mon 27th April: Term two starts
Thursday 7 May: BOT Meeting - 7.30pm
Monday 25 May: Fireshow 111 1.30pm
Mon 1st June: Queens Birthday
2nd-3rd June: Marae Visit
4th June: BOT Meeting 7.30pm
22nd- 26th June: Matariki week
2nd July: BOT Meeting 7.30pm
Fri 3rd July: Term Two Ends
Mon 20th July: Term Three Starts


By Stephanie and Mira from Room 1.

We went down to the pool with Mr Parker. We made paper boats and to see how
many little teddy bears (weighing 4 grams each) we could fit in the
boats we made. The boats were made with one piece of A4 paper. The
most teddies that fitted into the boat without it leaking or sinking
was 91! Steven and
Henry made this boat.  Mr Parker fitted all of the teddies on a piece of flat
paper without it leaking. That was because he had the greatest amount
of flat surface and he started in the middle and worked his way to the

That afternoon Mr Parker read us the story Maui and the Big Fish. It said that
Maui made a fishing line out of flax, so we decided to try. We made a flax line
and then attached a fishing hook to it..... Mr Parker cut the sharp
ends off the hooks so we didn't scratch ourselves. We got a bucket and
used a 1 litre
measuring cup.  We had to hook our lines to the bucket handle and we gradually
added 1 litre of water, a little at a time until we had 4 groups left.
It was a 10 litre bucket but we had to move onto a 20 litre bucket
because the 4 lines were holding more than 10 litres. Mr Parker filled
it up to 11 litres. Three out of the
four groups had their lines snap at 11 litres but Isobel, Devon and
Mira got up to 23 litres.

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