Monday, 25 May 2009



By Lynnaire Johnston

The community garden project, co-ordinated by Derek Onley has been a
huge success. 250kg of potatoes were harvested in May, a great harvest
for the garden's first year of production. (Previously, it had been a
corner of Frank and Lynley's horse paddock). This project has been a
real success, and all the gardeners involved have reported not only
plenty of potatoes but also the pleasure of communal gardening.

This achievement has inspired the weggies to move ahead on another
aspect, developing an edible streetscapes strategy, and community
gardening in general. We want to set up community allotments in Bland
Park, a scheme which has the broad support of the Blueskin A&P
Association, although details have yet to be fully finalised.

The plan is to make allotment space available on the park's highly
fertile alluvial soil to individuals, families and groups wishing to
set up gardens there. To this end, anyone wishing to take advantage of
this free space should register their interest by contacting me
(Lynnaire Johnston: 482 1364 or

A Weggie meeting will be held in the next few weeks, essentially to
discuss how best to put the next phase of the community garden plan
into action, ideally so that by next spring green shoots will be
pushing their way through the soil in new allotments.

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