Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Possum tossing is not ‘Family fun’

Possum tossing is not 'Family fun'

by Lorraine Weston-Webb

The Blueskin A&P Family Fun Day's 'International Possum Tossing
Championship' contravenes The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights.
Article 3.3 of the Declaration reads: "A dead animal must be treated
with decency".

The Declaration preamble reads: "respect of animals by humans is
inseparable from the respect of men for each other"

Permitting possum tossing as community entertainment is unjustifiable
and shameful. It teaches our children unrestrained disrespect for
animals, and by extension, it also glorifies killing.

I hope Blueskin Bay A&P Society will discontinue this event.

(Lorraine  has lived in Waitati on-and-off for 7 years, currently
lives in Oamaru for work and regularly visits family in Waitati.)

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