Monday, 11 May 2009

OPINION: Please bring back Mimi

By Lynnaire Johnston

I understand the resident Blueskin Bay Library and Waitati Hall cat,
Mimi, has been banned from both premises. This seems grossly unfair
not just to Mimi, but to all library patrons and hall users.

She has been a fixture at the hall and library for some time and as
far as I am aware there has been not a single complaint about her.
Mimi, like many other residents, human and animal alike, contributes
to the area's unique and well-known character.

A library cat is not a new or unique phenomenon. Indeed, Dunedin
Public Libraries has the book 'Dewey: the small-town library cat who
touched the world' in its collection. This book makes clear the
benefits a feline librarian can offer to those who crave
companionship, to children who may not have animals at home, and to
staff who enjoy the responsibility of caring for him. And, I should
point out, do so at no cost to ratepayers. (I should point out that
the ban on Mimi was not initiated by the Libraries.)

Yes, I understand that some people are allergic to cats. To a degree,
many of us, including myself, are. But a few sneezes here and there
shouldn't stop us enjoying their company, their unconditional
affection, and their sheer joy in life.

Please bring back Mimi.

1 comment:

Louise said...

Mimi has a new home and will no longer be visiting the Waitati hall or library. Hopefully this will keep everyone happy.