Friday, 22 May 2009


By Lesley Smith

The Blueskin Garden Club met on Thursday 14 May for their Annual
General Meeting. This took the form of a dinner at the Blueskin Bay

To make the evening more entertaining we were all to wear our "best
hats".  All the twenty-one members who attended turned up looking
splendiferous in their "best" hats. The variety of hats ranged from
hats with parrots and butterflies on, wedding hats, grandma's hat,
flowery hats, autumn hats and ski hats to name but a few.

We had a most enjoyable dinner (thanks to Lee), with lots of chatting
and discussion about almost every subject that you could think of (not
sure whether gardening was one!), jokes (thanks to Lyne Carlyle) and
raffles, (plants of course!).

During the evening we got down to the business side of the meeting
with the President's annual report (splendidly prepared and read by
Lyne C), financial report and election of officers.

Thanks to the magnificent job that our current office bearers have
done, (and their willingness to stand again) they were all nominated
and re-elected with the exception of our Vice-President. Rowena Park
decided that it would be a good opportunity for someone else to hold
the position as she had been Vice-President for several years.

The office bearers for 2009/2010 are as follows:

President:                     Lyne Carlyle

Vice-President:              Lynnaire Johnston

Secretary:                     Lyn Hastie

Treasurer:                      Glenys Clement

Committee:                   Marilyn Richardson

                                    Daphne Henderson

                                    Rowena Park

                                    Lesley Smith

During the course of the meeting an opportunity was given for all
members to write down what they would like the Garden Club to do in
the coming year. At our first Committee Meeting to be held early June
the programme will be discussed and organised.

Our next meeting will be held as usual on the second Thursday of the
month: 11 June. All members will be notified nearer the date regarding
the format and venue of the meeting. New members are most welcome.
Please contact Lyn Hastie on 482 2896.

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