Friday, 22 May 2009



By Louise Booth

So winter has come early. You will all be looking on the bright side,
blazing fires, comfort food, and the forced abandonment of outside
chores in favour of books, DVDs, CDs. You need to come and see us.
Read on for some of the ways in which we can look after you, book
clubs, get-well-service, outlet for your poems, and more.

Housebound Service

Some of you may not know that we like to arrange delivery of books,
magazines, DVDs and CDs to anyone who is unable to come to us, for
reasons of frailty, permanent or temporary disability, or sickness. If
you would like to use this service, or can think of anyone who might
benefit from it, let us know. We try to cater to the person's tastes
as much as possible.

Get-Well Bags

We make up bags of goodies to cheer people up when they are sick. We
especially like to do this for children, but anyone laid low, might
feel less miserable after receiving one of our bags. Please give us
the names of anyone you know in this position.

Book Clubs


The adults' club meets on Tuesday, June 2, at 10am in the Blueskin Bay
Café. All book lovers welcome.

Waitati Children's Book Club

Carolyn will meet children who'd like to belong to this club at
Waitati School at 3.15pm on Wednesday June 24. Everyone who enjoys
reading is welcome.

Warrington Children's Book Club

Carolyn will meet the members of this club at Warrington School at
3.15 pm on Wednesday June 17. All book-lovers welcome.

Warrington Outreach

The library 'book car' will be at Warrington School on June 3 and 17,
2-3pm. Members of the public are welcome.

Staff News

Mike Wooliscroft has resigned from his position as from 19 June in
order to move to Auckland for new roles there. Mike has been a
valuable member of the Blueskin Bay Library team and has contributed
most generously with his time and expertise. He will be very much
missed by both the library team and community.

Kate Fitzharris is now on parental leave but frequently visits the
library as a customer. We look forward to the birth of her baby.

Amanda Whiffen gave birth to another baby daughter named Indigo. We
wish her and her little family all the best for the future.

We all look forward to seeing you at the library.

Louise, Carolyn, Averil, Mike and Bessie

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