Thursday, 23 April 2009



By Deanne Burrell

Well done to residents of the Blueskin Bay area on another month where
the Brigade has not been called out to any residential Fire calls.
Thank you for helping to keep your community safe.

Recently a resident voiced his concern regarding hanging power lines
and the time it took to get the power company to come out and look at
them. We would like to remind everyone that if you ever have any
concerns regarding hanging power lines, arching lines or sparking
power lines and you are not able to get an immediate response from the
power company please do not hesitate to call 111. It is better to be
safe than sorry.

A great day was held by the Brigade at the recent Blueskin A&P Show
and Clearing Sale where we had a display allowing kids to have a go
using a hose to try and knock a cone off a drum. It was very
encouraging to hear that most of the kids when questioned knew what to
do in a fire: get down, get low, get out. Well done kids.

The Brigade would like to extend a big thank you to Blueskin Mowers &
Chainsaws for their donation of chain bar oil and two-stroke oil for
our recent firewood fundraiser. Your support is very much appreciated.

Winter is now upon us and so brings the need to stoke up our fires at
night to keep warm. Please remember that ashes can take up to five
days to cool. Ashes need to be placed in a metal container, well clear
of your home. If you are using a heater to heat your home, remember
the 'heater-metre' rule – keep yourself and your children, furniture,
clothes and curtains at least one metre away from heaters and


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