Thursday, 23 April 2009

NEWS: Water (and fluoride) flows through 'Big Pipe'

The first of the A-Grade fluoridated water from the Mount Grand
treatment station in Dunedin was delivered to consumers on the
Northern pipeline (nicknamed the 'Big Pipe') as far north as Waitati
on Thursday 16 April. Flushing of the lines further north was
continuing and the new supply was expected to come on line
progressively to Warrington and Seacliff before the end of March.

Waikouaiti Coast Community Board chairperson Alasdair Morrison told
'Blueskin News' that while the water in the new pipeline is of 'A
grade' quality, and mains flushing has been carried out in the
reticulation beforehand, there may still be a few quality issues
experienced "for a short time." This may be the result of changed flow
patterns in the reticulation network, different pressures and
different velocities of water in the pipes, he explained.

"It is hoped that these temporary quality problems can be sorted out
quite quickly," he said.

Water quality testing would continue, Alasdair said, and the results
provided to Public Health South with a view to lifting the remaining
boil water notices in the "very near future."

"It is likely the Medical Officer of Health will want to see a week of
clear test results before lifting the notice," Alasdair explained.

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