Thursday, 23 April 2009

NEWS: Motorists' winter attitudes worry firefighter

Waitati Volunteer Fire Brigade firefighter Deanne Burrell is concerned
that people are not adjusting their driving behaviour to the wet and
icy conditions as winter arrives.

Deanne told 'Blueskin News' that every year there are around 10 fatal
and 125 injury crashes where bad weather is a contributing factor.
"However, bad weather seldom causes crashes on its own. Generally
crashes occur because a driver makes a mistake. That is why extra care
and attention is required for winter driving."

Winter driving doesn't have to be dangerous or intimidating, Deanne
explained. "By preparing your vehicle and adjusting your driving for
the conditions, you can go a long way towards ensuring your safety and
that of others on the roads this winter."

Drivers need to be aware that that stopping distances are nearly
doubled on wet roads. "Slow down and keep a generous following
distance between you and the car in front. The two-second rule should
become at least the four-second rule," Deanne said.

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- Fire Brigade column: page XX

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