Sunday, 19 April 2009


We have just had our AGM and a new committee has come together with renewed energy and enthusiasm to continue the process on behalf of the community to establish facilities for the area's Youth.

The Association was established to administer the affairs of the Youth Hall (Old Church near State Highway 1) which it did for many years. Unfortunately the Old Church suffered a major fire and we were unable to rebuild. We took the most sensible option which was to sell and make use of the funds for the youth of the Blueskin area. We then commissioned a survey of all interested parties as to how best use the funds available.

Requests pointed towards a multi-use hard court in the centre of Waitati. This vision was expanded to encompass a wider variety of other issues: a safer play area for smaller children, a cycle track along the river to link Waitati Valley Rd, a BMX type track, a climbing wall, basketball hoops, a tennis court, and an indoor complex alongside the multi-use hard court.

The committee decided to concentrate on the multi-use hard court surface. In addition we wanted to apply for as much funding as possible while still retaining a core of funding for the bigger vision.

For the past couple of years we have been stalled due to various issues but as you see in the opening comment we come with renewed energy and enthusiasm towards action.

We are aware that time has the ability to change history and to this end we are inviting comment on any of the above issues. Please address them to any member to the committee listed below:

  • Paul Clements p.g.clements @
  • Lisa Taylor lisa-bruce @
  • Louise Booth Labooth @
  • Jane Hails brianjane @
  • Paul Sirota satori @
  • Frances Baeumer baeumer @
  • Nicky Clarke
  • Graeme Bennett clarke800 @

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