Thursday, 23 April 2009



By Katie Bourne

It is time for our annual Jumble Sale again: 11am Sunday 24 May at
Waitati Hall. It is a fundraiser for Playcentre and a brilliant
opportunity for everyone to get some bargains. Do you have any jumble
you would like to donate? If so, thanks! You can either take it to
Playcentre 9-Noon Mon, Wed or Fri or call Ishtar on 482 2535 to
arrange a drop off.

An exciting trip to Waitati School gave our children a taste of the
fun to be had at school. They had morning tea and joined in with
different activities. It was especially nice to see Rose and Mihai who
have recently graduated from playcentre.

The A&P show was a fun day. Thanks to Tania (and friends) who worked
hard organising the Noddy Train fundraising for Playcentre. Mandy
Mayhem, as always, did a marvellous job entertaining the children with
such classics as the three-legged and sack races.

We said happy birthday to Benedict who turned 3. A yummy birthday
morning tea was enjoyed by all! No one left us to go to school this
term, but we welcomed several new children. It's great to meet new
faces and there is always room for more little ones so come along and
check it out.

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