Tuesday, 21 April 2009



By Nancy Higgins

A Green New Deal for Aotearoa?

Green list MP Kevin Hague will be the guest speaker at a public
meeting hosted by the in Blueskin Bay branch of the Green Party at
Waitati Hall on Saturday May 21, 8pm.

The 'Green New Deal' which Green MPs are working on at present
discusses how to solve the twin crises of economic recession and
climate change/environmental collapse. It is completely within our
reach to create more jobs, address the climate crisis as well as the
economic crisis, and leave the economy in a stronger position.

The world over, many Governments are responding to the recession with
practical realistic ideas that recognise the economy and the
environment go hand in hand. So far, Green New Deal packages have been
announced in the US, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Australia,
Korea, China, and Mexico. New Zealand is lagging behind and our
future, and that of our children, depends on us acting on this issue
right now before it gets any worse.

We are very keen to discuss those ideas with Kevin and to pass on
local people's ideas about how they could be expanded and improved.

We hope to bring together a wide and varied range of views and ideas
so please forward this invitation onto all your family, friends and

Any questions: contact Kevin Hague's office:
jennifer.lawless@parliament.govt.nz or the Green website

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