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The Waitati Volunteer Fire Brigade wishes to thank everybody in the
Blueskin Bay area for their efforts over the past few months in
keeping the total amount of call-outs down to a minimum.

With the winter months fast approaching we would like to remind
everyone that now is a good time to have chimneys cleaned and to check
smoke alarms. If you do not have smoke alarms we encourage you to buy
them. If anyone requires any information in regards to where to place
smoke alarms around the home please feel free to contact one of the
Brigade members or call into the Fire Station on a Monday evening and
we will be only too happy to offer advice or come and install them for

Now is also a good time to sit down with your family and devise an
Escape Plan. All of your family needs to understand the Escape Plan
and to practise escaping from each room in the house by the two exits.

Most fires start in kitchens (25%), bedrooms (13%), and lounges and
family rooms (16%). Make sure your family practises escaping from
these rooms every three to six months.

Remember, you need to:

· Have working smoke alarms

· Know two ways out of every room if possible

· Make sure that doors and windows needed for escape are clear and
easy to open, and that there is a safe way to reach the ground from
upper floors

· Keep keys in deadlocks at all times when home

· Have an outside meeting place, such as a letterbox or a special tree

· Make special plans for young children and older people.

Remember - Get Out! Stay Out!

The brigade would like to congratulate Keith Templeton, Charles
Abraham and Deanne Burrell, who have recently completed and passed a
Seven Day Basic Skills Fire Fighting Course held at the Dunedin
Central Fire Station. Also congratulations to Richard Templeton, Chris
Felipe Alves and Paul Dennison who have successfully completed and
passed their Senior Fire Fighter course. Well done everyone.

It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Paul Dennison,
aka Pablo the cheese maker. Thank you Paul for your hard work and
dedication to the Brigade over the last 5 years and we wish you well
for the future. Also leaving our Brigade is our newest member Waka
Miller. Waka has been selected to join the NZ Fire Service as a full
time member and will be leaving this month to go to the North Island
for a three month training course. Well done Waka and we hope to see
you back in the region in the near future.

Once again thank you to everyone for their efforts in keeping our
community safe.

By Deanne Burrell

Volunteer Fire Fighter and Secretary

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