Monday, 23 March 2009



by Peter Dowden

Car travel costs have eased off a little in recent months as the oil
price drops. Other financial influences are still making locals think
carefully about their transport costs. Numbers are up on the local bus
services, the W3 Rideshare and there seem to be more hitch-hikers
around these days.

The Otago Regional Council has officially decided not to introduce a
bus service via Seacliff and Warrington to Dunedin. The ODT reported
that the Council concluded it was not viable to run special bus
services to the two communities. "Instead, residents should be
encouraged to take the weekday Palmerston-Dunedin bus, using informal
park and ride at Evansdale and Waitati." Read the article:

And by golly, it is informal all right: windswept with muddy puddles.
A bus shelter would be really nice. With a roof.

The long-distance buses that zoom through between Dunedin and
Christchurch are available to local users. Focussed on their distant
goals, these bus companies are not especially geared for local traffic
but they do include us in their schedules.

The Minister noticed one company, (nothing to do with
nudity; they "strip the costs of travel") which seemed to be charging
the same for Dunedin-Waitati as Dunedin-Christchurch. They have now
slashed these prices up to 75%, charging no more than $10 and as
little as $1 if you book about a decade in advance. Now if we could
just persuade them to serve Evansdale as well . . . .

The timetable on the back page of 'Blueskin News' has been upgraded to
include the long distance services. Please treat these times with deep
suspicion. See also:

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