Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Future of dancing in Waitati looks Rozi

Last month a new dancing opportunity started in Waitati.
Rozi Dance Studio is led by Rozalina MacRae, a professional dancer for
15 years in modern and Latino-dance, with experience as a dance
teacher in the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and Israel.

Rozi, originally from Bulgaria, specialises in Salsa, Merengue,
Cha-cha-cha and other fashionable Latin-American styles.

"The interest was big and we have already had one class with wonderful
dancers and nice people," Rozi told Blueskin News.

Rozi's idea for the dance studio is to enhance local social life, not
only to hold lessons. She believes dance should be taught alongside
discussions, visits to cultural events, learning about the styles,
musicians and singers, musical culture and history of the styles.

"People have to know why they dance on that music exactly that way,
not just to learn steps. Everything in the dances has logic and that
is the most important thing to know if you want to look nice when you

The classes are open for people of all different ages, and dancers can
come alone or with a partner. "It's not necessary to have dance
experience, " Rozi explains. "We start from scratch. The kilograms do
not matter either."

Rozi describes her new group as "enthusiastic, friendly, talented and
serious people."

"From the first lesson my dancers already have many ideas for public
performances at the local festivals and are open for invitations," she

The first lesson is free for everybody. The dancers are given printed
information about the style that they are learning and CDs with music
from the lessons. The classes are held in Waitati Hall. Rozalina
MacRae can be contacted at 482 1094 or 027 678 6100, or by email:

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