Sunday, 22 March 2009



by Lesley Smith

Since the December meeting of the Blueskin Garden Club, we have not
had an "official" meeting. However, we have not been idle in that
time: apart from all the usual chores to be completed in our gardens
we have been out and about.

In the last two months club members have visited private gardens in
Dunedin, attended a Kindred Day where members of different garden
clubs and similar groups meet and greet and swap ideas, while several
of our members were fortunate to be able to visit the Ellerslie Flower
Show in Christchurch.

Due to the many who attended the flower show the committee decided
that we would take the opportunity to share our thoughts and photos of
the show with members who were not able to attend.

This we will do at our next meeting on Thursday 2 April (a week early
due to Easter the following week). It will be held at Lyne Carlyle's
house at 7.30pm. Please bring along a small plate for a shared supper,
your photos, a flower and a vegetable for the competition, and also
plants for a perennial swap. New members most welcome. If you require
further information please contact Lyn Hastie on 482 2896.

Our AGM will be held on Thursday 14 of May, when the theme will be
'hats' – more details regarding this at our next meeting and in the
next Blueskin News.

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