Saturday, 21 February 2009



by Lyn Hastie, Kaye Burns and Peter Dowden

Warrington had 35 children entered in the Southern Regional Ocean
Athletes Competition at Warrington Beach, and what a great weekend it
was for the club. The weather was
pretty much perfect and Warrington juniors did themselves proud. They
ran, swam, paddled in a very competitive manner and the results were
there to prove it. Their coaches and I know Cherie and Mark were very

Otago Championships are taking place right now [ie 28/2 and 1/3] at
Warrington: seniors on Saturday, and juniors and rescue boats on

Next Saturday, 7 March, the South Island inflatable rescue boat races
will be held here too. This is a terrific spectator sport and well
worth a visit to our beach.

Our 'Monster Garage Sale' Saturday March 28 will raise much needed
funds for the club. The sale will start at 9am and will include a
barbecue, plant stall and raffles so there's something for everyone.
The public can donate goods for sale (except for clothes) by calling
Kaye 482 2494, Lyn 482 2896 or Peter (mornings only) 482 2441.

Thankyou to the members who turned out to two working bees and shifted
sand, filled a huge hole under the A-frame, painted, painted, grass
cutted, cleaned etc. The plumbing of our new kitchen is complete and
we have a big fridge freezer.

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