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Waitati Film Society announces programme for 2009

Waitati Film Society

All welcome to join us at Bill's Place, corner Orokonui and Mt.
Cargill Roads on Tuesdays at 8.00pm.

Yearly membership $55 - for at least 29 nights of movies and some
special screenings!

Drama, comedy, history or just plain entertainment in a warm, pleasant
environment with convivial company.

Ring: Brigitte 482-2829 or Leonie 482-2508 for more info or visit:

Tuesday March 3


USA 2005

Brick is an inspired fusion of teenage confidential and hard-boiled
'film noir' set in the mean corridors and power cliques of a
contemporary Southern California high school. It starts, as all good
detective stories should, with the disappearance of a young dame, who
has just enough time to make a desperate appeal to her ex-boyfriend
for help before vanishing. 110m

Tuesday March 17


Senegal/France 2004

Some consider Ousmane Sembene (1923-2007) the father of African cinema
and a great novelist who unmasked traditional practices that perhaps
need reassessing in relation to current world values. In this film he
presents us with an elder's wife who objects to the circumcision of
four village girls. 123m

Tuesday March 31


Palestine 2007

There have been many documentaries giving historical backgrounds to
the current Israeli-Palestinian hate relationship. However this one
has been rated as one of the best and comes from the viewpoint of
Palestinian brothers Abdallah and Sufyan Omeish. 85m

Tuesday April 14


Canada 2006

Edward Burtynsky uses his camera to capture Man's inexorable pursuit
of consumer-driven progress, massive waste dumps, expansive strip
mines, factory workers lined up to infinity. Despite focusing his
lens on China's monolithic, people displacing Three Gorges Dam, and
huge high rises displacing Shanghai's traditional housing, Burtynsky
claims moral neutrality, this is what I see, let's talk about it. 90m

Tuesday April 28


NZ 2001

It is summer. Thirteen year old Janey and her family settle into their
isolated cottage for another perfect seaside holiday. Her days are
full of swimming and fishing. At night her parents give parties where
the adults drink, dance and flirt. Janey is increasingly aware of the
cracks in her parents' marriage. Watching her mother begin an affair
with a visiting photographer, she starts to discover her own
sexuality. Janey decides to grow up quickly. Too quickly. 91m

Tuesday May 12


USA 1998

Though not entirely factual, Michael Mann produced this dramatization
of the senior scientist Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe) blowing the
whistle on his employer, a major tobacco company, whose executives
knew more than they were prepared to say about nicotine addiction and
the carcinogenic potential of additives. Scowl at anyone going
outside for a fag between reels. 155m

Tuesday May 26


USA 1985

Young Walt from Portland, Oregon, works in a store selling liquor to
local hobos. Though good looking, he is vague, aimless and
ambitionless, yet somehow gentle and personable. Sadly, Walt has an
unrequited love for a Mexican hustler, so spends much of his time with
the gun-toting Pepper - avoiding the cops. 78m

Tuesday June 2



The filmmaker, Muraz Jan Kot, asked a 12-year-old to write a film
script about her life and ordeals in Palestine. The result won
several Film Festival awards. 14m


Palestine 2004

This documentary focuses on the insecure lives of four Palestinian
families living in Israel, still able to retain elements of humour and
hope against the background of sometimes hostile hosts and an unknown
future. 76m

Tuesday June 9


USA 1997

Being into stolen jewelry Donnie can recognize a 'fugazi' – a fake –
from a mile off. He is useful to the Mob so Lefty Ruggiero has no
trouble edging him into their ranks. But Donnie's private life suffers
because of his commitment to the Mafia. So he wants to get out - but
being a fugazi himself makes it problematic. 127m

Tuesday June 16


NZ 2000

The Price of Milk is a fairy tale love story, full of magic and
Sinclair's trademark humour, all set on a New Zealand dairy farm.
"It's a highly original film from a director with an idiosyncratic
view," says Copland. "It's also a hugely romantic love story, in the
old epic style, full of glorious images and lyrical music. But
whichever way you describe it, nothing in the film is at all what you

Tuesday June 23


USA 2006

A chronicle of a day in the life of a Palestinian cab driver in Los
Angeles, it portrays the social struggle of the Arab immigrant in
post-9/11 America. An unceasing flow of passengers ride in Bashar's
taxi and give the Arab cabbie the run-around on issues that deal with
suicide bombers, George Bush, Cat Stevens, the war in Iraq, music, and
world geography. 92m

Tuesday June 30


East Germany 1990

Deeply established communist dogma strangles the ambitions of a young
architect, so a group of fellow professionals goad the powers to be to
see how far they can be pushed. A topical tale because between the
beginning and the finish of filming, East Germany ceased to exist.

Tuesday July 7


East Germany 1957

Not your normal teen cult film as this one is set in East Berlin in
pre-Wall days. Youngsters rebel against the ever-tightening state
control and fantasize about fleeing to the West. Frowned upon by the
authorities, the film was a sensational success with the locals who
considered it a true depiction of everyday life. 79m

Tuesday July 14


E Germany 1968

As a very young child Gregor's parents fled with him from Germany to
the Soviet Union. He returns at 19, a Soviet trooper at the end of
WWII conquering what he still thinks of as his homeland, a victor, yet
one of the vanquished. 115m

Tuesday July 21


E Germay 1972

Egon Günther's film received many accolades and was a box office
success. It depicted female self-liberation in East Germany where the
trend was just emerging. Jutta Hoffmann gave an award winning
performance as Margit an emancipated woman determined to swim against
the strong tide of social norms in pursuit of her own happiness. 107m

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