Saturday, 21 February 2009



by Sue Hensley

Exciting News

Orokonui has a nesting pair of kaka. Although it was thought the
juveniles were too young to breed, a nest box was put up just in case.
However the pair ignored that and found their own nest hole in a great
location – by the stream and with lots of fruiting trees around. The
female kaka incubates alone for about a month and is fed by her mate.
The experts have warned against disturbing the female on the nest and
so we'll just have to wait and see if anything comes of this first
nesting attempt.

There will be a lot longer to wait for the six gravid jewelled geckos
to give birth as they are pregnant for nine months and will give birth
to live young just before winter. Things move slowly in the reptile

The January pest monitoring round showed up a couple of problem areas
as was expected, with one mouse print and at least one hedgehog. A lot
of effort over this month will go into trapping and rechecking those

The Visitor and Education Centre has developed considerably this last
month with the concrete foundations poured, part of the deck built
and three recycled shipping containers swung into position. These will
provide the structure for the classroom. The Centre is expected to be
completed in July and officially opened next Spring.

The Education Programme has received 3 years' funding from a highly
contestable fund of the Ministry of Education. This will allow the
programme to develop further and deliver to more schools.

The Ecosanctuary is open exclusively for guided tours. Bookings are
essential. Tours cost $20 adult, $10 child with half price for
members. Tours are for 1½ - 2 hours for a maximum of 8 people per
guide. Come and see this fantastic forest restoration project in
progress, learn about the changes that have already been made and
support the development of the Ecosanctuary.

For enquiries the office number is 482 1755. For further information
on the Ecosanctuary, visit or see our box at the
Blueskin Bay Library.

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