Monday, 23 February 2009

Blueskin A & P Clearing Sale to be held on 4th April

Blueskin A & P Clearing Sale to be held on 4th April

by Paul Clements

This year's Clearing Sale at Bland Park, Waitati is set for 4 April.
The Sale over the past few years has been a great opportunity for
anyone to market their goods and to recycle.

Itms for sale will be set out in lots with easy access for viewing and
running the Auction.

The auction is set to start at 11.00am, preceded by the delivery of
items from 8.00am. Contact George Terry (025 224 0311) with large
items you wish to advertise. We will run an advertisement in the
'Otago Daily Times' before the sale.

The day will have a Fair atmosphere with local schools running food
stalls, car boot sales and various fun events. It is the wish of the
A&P Society to involve many local groups in this event. If you have an
idea we have the space for you.

The World Famous Possum Toss will be run, so wind up those tossing arms.

The A&P also would like to encourage you to become a member, $10 per
family payable at the Secretary's Office. There will be a lucky number
run in conjunction with this promotion. We need your support to keep
this local facility operating for our community.

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