Thursday, 19 February 2009



by Liz Knife

Our keen members turned up for the first meeting of the year on
Tuesday 3 February, and after a cuppa and a catch up on the Christmas
holidays some interesting books were reviewed.

'Isadors Children' was written by Linda's daughter Sam Charlton.
This book should be available in the library soon. It is a fantasy
set in a land which sounds a bit like our own Central Otago in places.
Well worth a read and great to have a locally written book reviewed.

'Cholas in Bowlers' written by Jane Mundy. The writer meets Graham and
on a whim, suddenly abandons her comfortable lifestyle, and they take
off to Bolivia. This book is a vivid, and humorous account of their
adventures there. We were all keen to read it.

Our next meeting is MARCH 3, 10AM at the Blueskin Bay Cafe.

We are a very relaxed group of people who enjoy a good book and a chat
over coffee. We are interested in all types of books and there are no
rules, we just take monthly turns to tell about our latest or
favourite read.
MORE MEMBERS ARE WELCOME so come and join us.
Contact Elizabeth 482 1025 or Louise at the Blueskin Bay Library 482 2444.

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