Friday, 23 January 2009



Happy new Julian year! By the time you read this column, three things
will have happened: (1) Jason's summer pruning work shop, (2) the
Edible garden tours - if you missed out on these events and are
wondering how on this good great earth you to let their prolific
success drift past you like the last few surviving whitebait, you can
email or ring me (misslucyjack @ hotmail . com , 03 4821773) to be
included in our mailing list
for a heads up next time.

I said three: (3) the weeds at the Waitati School edible garden
will have grown enormous during the school holidays. Anyone/everyone
with spare time (or not) should call Michaela Wilson (03 4822888) or,
even better, go over there with a bunch of mates and get your hands
dirty and make it nice before the kids get back to school.


This market will run every THIRD SUNDAY of the month starting Sunday
15 February, so get your Blueskin Bay grown or made goodies together
in a basket or a barrow (fruits, veg,
pickles, jam, honey, eggs), and get down to the Old Waitati Stores,
Harvey Sreet, Waitati (near the Waitati River bridge) for some trade
and barter with your neighbors. Call Rayna (482 2504) for more info or
to organise selling space.

Ask Aunt Lucy

Could someone please write to me and ask me a gardening
question? I can't make them all up, you know! Write to: misslucyjack @
hotmail . com

XX-Aunt Lucy

by Lucy Jack

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