Friday, 23 January 2009

Updated: Children's activity will be held monthly

Children's activity will be held monthly

Art in the Arvo, a community based arts and performance program for
children will now be held from 2 to 3.30 on the first Saturday of
every month.

The first session will be held on Saturday 7 February at the usual
venue, the Bland Park Pavillion in Waitati.

A meeting was held on 20 January to gauge support for the project,
organiser Sophia Leon de la Barra told 'Blueskin News'.

"The two bits of feedback we got from participants' parents were that
4.30 to 6 was a bit late for the young ones and that
once a month would be better," Sophie said.

"We are taking both suggestions on board and changing the schedule around."

"Since we have had a greater expression of interest regarding music
from adults rather than children, we thought maybe we could organise a
monthly musical jam session as well."

Sophia Leon de la Barra and Miguel Molina offer kids' activities such
as music, drawing, puppet making, treasure hunting and movie making.

"We really need to have parents and kids commit to it as we are
arranging for people to take time out of their day to come and do
something for the kids," Sophia said.

Sophia and Miguel offer kids a chance to say what they want to do and
they are in the process of getting equipment such as musical

"If kids want to learn an instrument they need to be here every
month," Sophia said.

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