Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More market approach works for Seacliff

Seacliff's Coast Road Market has held its sixth market day since
starting in August 2007. Sunday 4 January provided plenty of sunshine
and the opportunity for everyone to clean up odds and ends and the
chance to show off their selling voices.

Coast Road Market grew from Liz Abbott and Rudie Verhoef's project to
build a cafe in the former Catholic church next to Liz's studio, the
Art Shed. With the building taking a while the couple thought that a
market would be a good way to open up the area as a public place.

Holding a market once a month forces her to open the Art Shed, with
lots of bargains to be had direct from the artist, Liz told 'Blueskin

Even when the cafe is opened the pair would like the market to
continue as it is a happy occasion and Liz loves the diversity you get
with the different generations selling and the huge range of things
being sold from trampolines to tadpoles.

The market was a good day for local Seacliff child Tad as he sold his
old boxing gloves for a $1 lottery ticket and won $4 on it.

"I'm saving up for a Nintendo game," he said.

The stall gave kids the chance to sell the things they no longer
wanted and things they had made and gave them the chance to have some
money to buy toys from each other.

The Coast Road Market is held on the first Sunday of every month and
runs from 11am to 2pm.

by Stacy-Ann Campbell

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