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Karitane Beach Surfing Festival 10th Anniversary

Karitane Beach Surfing Festival 10th Anniversary

When the sun shines and the waves are peaking at 3-4 foot with clean
lines and a light offshore wind, you've got it right for a surfing
competition. More often, organisers are greeted with a sea flat as a
lake or sloppy on shore, or howling southerlies, or icy rain.

But despite the conditions the Karitane Beach Surfing Festival has
never lacked entries to run a competition, in the 10 years its been

"Once or twice we've come close to cancelling the day due to lack of
surf," organiser Sally Henderson told 'Blueskin News'.

"But when faces drop and ever enthusiastic surfers keep arriving, we
just get on with it and as nature would have it, usually by midday and
change of tides, the surf comes up and a good competition ensues."

Since the event began in 1999, surfers from age 8 to adults have taken part.

The competitions are now run by South Coast Board Riders and attract
huge group of surfers, including many girls and women, from around
Otago as well as Christchurch, Timaru and Invercargill. The event is
well-known now throughout the surfing calendar.

Many of the local community come along and view the days activities as
a day at the beach.

The festival takes place this year on Sunday 9 March at 9am.

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