Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Waitati enjoys Latin sounds

Feet tapping, hands clapping, children happy and running round,
singing and all sorts of musical instruments were on at a free concert
that was offered to our community recently.

The evening of Latin music was performed by Sophia Leon de la Barra
and Miguel Molina and they even came with a band cat, local Libarian
Louise Booth's cat Mimi and local dog, Stella who spent the evening
trying to play with the children to 13 month year old Poppy Forest's

The evening's purpose was to get people's interests in the music
workshop that Sophia and Miguel plan to run for the community, the
workshop will mostly be working with panpipes.

"Music is really good to explore things about yourself " Miguel Molina says.

The workshops will include piñata making and drawing and all forms of
art and they are being run because they are a great way to explore
different arts and what they involve.

By 2009 they hope to have the funding to get these music workshops off
the ground but until then they are having weekly get together's in
Bland Park that include activities such as dancing, painting mask
making and other things and they are asking for other members of the
community to participate by taking part in it and also just to come in
and join in with the fun as it is open for all ages.

by Stacy-Ann Campbell

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