Monday, 24 November 2008

Warrington Surf Life Saving Club

Warrington Surf Life Saving Club

A big congratulations to our new Surf Life Guards Arthur, Kim and Jake
who board-paddled around White Island off St Clair Beach in October. A
very good paddle from all accounts. Michael also paddled a double ski
with his mate Heath.

Beach patrols are well under way: our Life Guards patrol each Saturday
and Sunday from 12-5pm. There will be extra weekday patrols in the
height of summer. We have gained several new life guards for our club
which will certainly relieve the pressure on the small numbers we have
had over the last year or two.

There have been two camps held recently at Warrington. Both have been
attended by large numbers of junior members and good conditions
weather and surf wise have made for a fun and exciting time for all.
Special thanks to our parents and coaches who helped to make these
events as successful as they were.

A special welcome to our new families who have just joined us. We hope
you have found your way around and will enjoy many years as part of
our club.

Work has continued to add the finishing touches to our enlarged and
revamped club buildings. We have secured final monies to complete the
new kitchen. Hopefully it won't be too long before the kitchen is
complete and ready to use. Gravel has been spread around the buildings
and our new changing rooms have been painted and sealed throughout.

Our club will be used several days during summer for Beach Education,
when school groups visit Warrington to enjoy the beach while keeping in
mind water and sun safety.

Vacuum cleaner

We need a replacement one for the club, mainly to suck up sand. Looks
and age are unimportant but it needs to totally suck. Can anyone help
with one?


This is the major fundraiser for our club and the whole New
Zealand life-saving movement, to prevent death and injury on New
Zealand's spectacular coasts. Our street collectors will collect
outside Gardens New World in Dunedin, Blueskin general Store in
waitati, Warrington PO Boxes and north right up to Palmerston. We will
also be selling the popular jandal key

If anyone would like to take key rings to their workplace and sell
them to help out the club please text Kaye on 027 4822494 or phone Lyn
on 4822896.They make a great gift and at only $3.00 each will sell
really easily.

Our famous Garage Sale will be held again early next year. If you have
anything sellable and not too large, the club has storage facilities.
Contact a club member for picking up of goods.

Our next Meeting: Monday 8th December, 7.30pm at the club rooms.

by Lyn Hastie and Peter Dowden

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