Monday, 24 November 2008

Waitati performance is a prelude to workshops

Photos: Sophia and Miguel perform at the Celebration of Culture
organised by ESOL Home Tutors in November.

There will be a free performance of folk music from Latin America this
Friday, 5 December, 6.30pm at Waitati Hall. Sophia León de la
Barra told 'Blueskin News' she and fellow musician Miguel Molina Lagos
are particularly excited about playing for Waitati.

"We would like to run a community music workshop on Saturdays starting
in 2009, primarily working with zampoñas (also called Pan pipes).
These are a good medium for learning music for people of all ages."

Sophia thought a free recital would be a good way to attract interest
in the workshops."We were heartily welcomed into Waitati, and rapidly
integrated into the community life of the small village we now call

Miguel has been a musician for the past 21 years in Chile, working
actively to revive the folk tradition of music from Latin America
through community workshops and recitals. Sophia comes from a Public
Health and Community Development background, and is currently studying
carpentry at Otago Polytechnic.

Together, the two are happily piecing together the framework for a
community-organised and communally-facilitated Saturday workshop,
focused on sharing the wide world of arts with local kids from
Waitati. Through grant applications, they hope to gain resources for
enough instruments to run a full-scale music workshop in 2009.

In the mean time, there will be weekly backyard workshops called 'Art
in the arvo' on Saturdays from 4.30-6pm, exploring the fine arts of
drawing, painting, theatre, music, mask and piñata making and other
crafts. All ages and artistic abilities are welcome, and other
community members are encouraged to join as facilitators to share
their artistic skills and help with the children. Weekly workshops are
held in the back yard of 12 Harvey Street, Waitati, two doors up from
the nursery and across the street from the fire station.

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