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The reintroduction of the kaka to Blueskin Bay is a historic moment.
Kaka have not been seen since the early days of settlement when flocks
numbering in their hundreds were recorded and many a kaka pie was

The release of the six was a very low key affair with only staff and
minders in attendance. The priority of the day was the birds and Tony
Pullar who has overseen the translocation and release felt it best to
keep things as normal as possible for the birds. After fitting
harnesses and transmitters on the birds the top door of the aviary was
opened and over a period of an hour or more, one by one they climbed
out of the cage down to the ground and walked off into the bush.

Since then they have been spotted tearing into rotten logs, sipping
nectar from a fuchsia flower and ripping into macrocarpa nuts. For the
first two weeks they stayed within a 200m radius of the aviary but
with their flying skills improving a couple are venturing further down
the valley.

The other exciting news is that work on the Visitor and Education
Centre has begun. The survey crew arrived on the 11th of November and
the heavy machinery is now in place preparing the site. Construction
is expected to take 9 months.

The last local meeting of the year is to be held on December 17th at
7.30pm at the Waitati Hall.

The Ecosanctuary is open for guided tours. Bookings are essential.
Tours cost $20 adult $10 child with half price for members. Tours are
for 1½ hours for a maximum of 10 people per guide Come and see this
fantastic forest restoration project in progress, learn about the
changes that have already been made and support the development of the

Lost for a gift for the person who has everything? The Ecosanctuary
has gift vouchers for guided tours and fence post plaques. Also
available are sets of cards of our beautiful native birds that are
already at home in the sanctuary (from oil paintings of artist Peter
Caley) and childrens t-shirts featuring a wood cut of the kaka by Liz
Abbott. Check out the website

Very best wishes for the festive season and happy travelling to those
venturing into the great outdoors.

For enquiries the office number is 482 1755. For further information
on the ecosanctuary, visit or see our box at the
Blueskin Bay Library.

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