Sunday, 23 November 2008

Blueskin Garden Club (column)

Blueskin Garden Club

The November meeting was in the form of visits to local gardens in the
Doctors Point Road area. Fortunately the night was warmish with no
rain, and we had a good turnout of members.

We started off at Murray Johnston's garden which was a blaze of colour
with all its rhododendrons and azaleas in full bloom. We were shown a
little bit of local history at the top of his garden where a local
photographer used to develop his photos in a railway culvert.

Across the road we went to the Sumpters' original garden which was
steeped in history with old rhododendrons, azaleas and magnificent old
maple trees of different colours. One could get the feeling of
wonderful garden parties with ladies and gentlemen dressed for the
occasion in period costumes. It was like entering another world!

Following this we went up the hill to Sumpters' "new" garden, where
David and Liz showed us (with pride) all that they had achieved in the
short time that they had been there. Obviously they are held in high
esteem in the "garden world" as they had been entrusted to look after
several new and different species by some well known plant breeders.
David swears by a certain horse manure from Waikouaiti and judging by
his flowers and vegetables, his plants love it!

We ended the evening with a very short meeting followed by supper,
very kindly hosted by David and Liz.

Our December meeting is to be held on Saturday 13 December starting of
at Lesley and Pete's place for starters and mains, followed by dessert
at Marilyn and Dave's place. Members will be contacted regarding time
and what food to bring.

by Lesley Smith

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