Thursday, 23 October 2008


Thanks to TV shows like Piha Rescue, everyone knows about the brave
surf life guards who dedicate hours and hours of their summer to
people on our beaches. It's not so well known that right through the
cold part of the year they are busy getting fit and practising their
skills for the summer.

Last month five of our young Become a Lifeguard recruits and a couple
of older ones were working hard to complete their qualifications to
patrol our beach. The requirements include being able to swim fast
over a long distance in a certain time, being able to tow a patient in
the water and learning how to meet, reassure and take hold of a
struggling patient in deep water.

Several younger Life Guards and trainees spent a fun October weekend
at Warrington learning first aid, communications and water skills,
while later in the month all our existing lifeguards got 'refreshed';
no, not a nice cold shower and a deodorant but a compulsory annual
reassessment of their swimming and first-aid skills.

The other activity of surf club apart from safety patrols is the
'nippers' programme for younger people. In late October, thirty
children and their adults got together for an evening barbecue and
finding out about what exciting things will be happenning over the new

Season Opening

Our beach safety patrol starts on Saturday 1 November, our life guards
will patrol every weekend from 12-5pm.

Sunday Nov 2 at 10.30am is our season opening day. Everyone is welcome
to come and a look round the club facilities and talk about our
regular beach fun and sports for children and adults. You may wish to
bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

Thanks to several hard workers, our facilities are spic and span for
the new season. Generous donors have supplied us with a range and
microwave for our new kitchen and zip water heater. Our storeroom is
gradually filling with goods for our Garage Sale to be held later in
the Summer, but more are welcome.

A good second-hand Vacuum Cleaner is urgently needed at the club.
Please let us know if you have a spare one.


This is the main annual fundraising event for the Surf Life Saving
movement. Our Club collectors will be at Gardens New World,
Waikouaiti, Palmerston and Waitati where we can collect donations and
sell Jandal key rings.

All monies collected in our designated areas will come to Warrington
club. Key rings make a great gift for someone. With Christmas just
around the corner and at $3.00 each we're sure you will want to
purchase one or two to help our club's finances .

There are other ways for your workplace or school to participate in
Jandal Day. If you are interested or if you have any other enquiry or
offer of help, please phone Lyn, 482 2896.

by Lyn Hastie and Peter Dowden

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