Thursday, 23 October 2008

Blueskin Bay Library (column)

A hailstorm has just passed by, scattering blossom over the grass.
Could this be Spring? We hope you are revelling in this wonderful
season. We are.

With the usual Springtime surge of energy, we are full of plans, we
have new staff (including a new library cat), the poetry project , the
competition for the cover of the poetry collection, the book clubs
for children and for adults, and the new library cards to mark the
centenary. Have you got yours yet?

New Library Cards

Everyone gets one! As part of the Dunedin Public Library Centenary,
the library is undergoing a re-branding process, and this includes new
'smart' cards, blue for adult and gold for children. Needless to say,
these are free. When you come into Blueskin Bay library for your card,
you will be given a voucher entitling you to 3 free DVD's. Don't miss

New Staff

Attempting to replace the wonderful Helen and Meaghan are the equally
wonderful Averil Thomson and Lorraine Burlingham as relievers, and
Bessie Van Hale, who is now our permanent shelver. All three are
locals, so you will probably recognise their friendly faces.

It seems many years since we had a library cat, but now this vacancy
has been filled. One of Louise's cats, named Mimi, taking advantage
of living just across the road, has volunteered her services.

ChatterBooks (adults' Book Club)

Do you love books? Join other book lovers at the Blueskin Café on the
first Tuesday of the month at 10am. The coffee is good too, and
everyone is welcome, even if you'd just prefer to listen at first.

Warrington Children's Book Club

This is a very strong group. Their meeting day has changed to Friday,
till the end of the year.

by Louise Booth

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