Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Members met on Tuesday 7th October at the Blueskin Cafe and chatted
over a friendly cup of coffee.

Linda reviewed 2 books:

The Still Life of Chickens by Catherine Goldhammer

A separated mother and her daughter sell up their home in the better
part of town and move to a shabby country cottage in a poorer area so
her daughter can keep chickens. This creates vast changes in their
lives - the way they live, the people thay meet, and coping with the
chickens. A light but enjoyable read.

Inca Kola by Matthew Parris.

This is a lively and interesting tale of the author's travels in Peru.
Well worth looking for on the shelves.

Elizabeth reviewed one book:

Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin.

Li Cunxin was 10 years old when he was plucked from school in his poor
northern China village to be trained in Madam Mao's ballet school. He
didn't know what ballet was but sensed a chance to help his parents
and six brothers. This is fascinating and well written looking at the
life of people in the communist era and how Li Cunxin eventually
became the principle dancer for the Houstoun Ballet Company. A great

Next meeting: 10am 4 November at the Blueskin Bay Cafe, next to
Blueskin Nursery.

We still have room for one or two new members so if you are
interested, pop in for a coffee and a chat on the day or ring
Elizabeth 482 1025

by Liz Knife

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