Monday, 22 September 2008

Warrington Indoor Bowls (column)

We had our closing night on Saturday 20 September. This was a social
night with friends and family, a pot luck tea and BYO. It was good to
see such a turnout of partners and children. The next generation of
indoor bowlers. We also had the presentation of our trophies.

Warrington won the singles and pairs titles in the Inter Club competition.

We were runner up, two points behind Dunback, in the fours. It was a
very successful inter-club year, with most of our club members playing
in this competition so that no one had to play every game.

As you know, Ruth Porteous won our club women's singles. She then went
on to win the Champion of Champion Woman's Singles. Congratulations
Ruth – I understand that there has been 28 years of practice to
achieve this great result.

Cliff Porteous was the club's men's single champion. He won the
Champion of Champion Men's Single's. Congratulations Cliff. I
understand that it is a rare result to have a husband and wife win
these titles in the same year. Well done you two.

In the champion of champion Pairs, Cliff and Mike Fitzgerald came
second. Not a trophy but still a good result.

Dunback Open Fours were held on 24th August with a great time as usual
held by all.

The Eastern Districts Open Fours was held on Sat 6 September, with
once again a Warrington team in the top three. A town team came first,
led by Hugh Brosnan, with the Warrington team led by Andrew Thompson,
Stephne Bennett, Daniel Mosley and Ruth Stevens, coming second – again
by two points. Another wonderful day.

The Ormsby Triples Trophy was won by Ruth Stevens, Lyn Hastie and John
Barnett. Congratulations to this team.

The Eastern Districts Men's Singles Trophy was presented to Andrew
Thompson, and certificates to the winners of the club fours team
comprising of Andrew Thompson, Ruth Porteous, Lyn Hastie and John

Once again we provided a strong contingent of players to Eastern
Districts Representative games, with Ruth Stevens, Cliff and Ruth
Porteous, Daniel Mosley, Andrew Thompson, Stephne Bennett and John
Barnett, seven of our ten players.

This concludes our successful season. We will be holding our AGM on
Tuesday 7 October at 7 pm at Stephne Bennett's house. Any enquires
please contact Stephne 4822585.

by Stephne Bennett

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