Saturday, 23 August 2008


The building work is all done. We are all very impressed with our
lovely new kitchen and toilet area. Fundraising will never seem the
same with such a beautiful outlook while catering and doing dishes.
Sadly money did not stretch to our new Kitchen which is bare and needs
lots of items. Do you know anyone who has a fridge,oven,microwave,
zip, etc etc? You may know a business selling up or changing
equipment. Contact Kaye 482 2494 or Christine 482 2005.

Jandal Day Friday 5 December. Put a circle around this date in your
diary. It was a great fundraiser last year. You and your workmates can
nominate where your monies go to, for example you can run a raffle or
dress up at your school or workplace and the money can be designated
for Warrington. Ideas are welcome.

We have some fun ideas for things to do and hope lots of you who are
12ish and over will come along. Find out what's involved in being a
guard or patrol support person, have fun in the IRB, on a board, meet
up with locals, eat and generally make the most of what Warrington
Club has to offer you and your mates.

Surf Life Saving Otago (that's our regional body) , is celebrated 75
years in August – a wonderful achievement for a great organisation.
This is the build up before the 'big one' – yes, surf life saving in
New Zealand will celebrate 100 years in 2010.

Thankyou to those who continue behind the scenes, Pru with the funding
issues, Polly paying the bills, Cherie - the greatest swim coach, Kaye
and Lyn and Pru the meeting attendees in town and Murray who has spent
lots of time raking and shovelling gravel around the building. Michael
has visited the swimming lessons with boards for sessions in warm and
waveless conditions.

Our Annual General Meeting on Friday 29th August will have just
happened as you read this. It may not be summer but it is still busy
at Warrington Surf Club. Keep warm and enjoy the fresh winter air.

by Christine Rainbow

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