Saturday, 23 August 2008


The cold rainy weather has been great for our plants at Warrington
Domain, keeping them moist.Thanks to everyone who helped with the
fencing and planting. Special thanks go to a community work party from
the Department of Corrections, who have helped with ongoing
maintenance, put mulch around plants, dug out weeds, and done ground
preparation for rabbit-proof fencing. There will be ongoing work to
keep the weeds down, as well as installing gates and finishing the
other part of the fence, ready for our next winter planting in 2009.
Enjoy watching the plants grow!

A big thanks to Trish and Annette, and the fourteen industrious kids
from Warrington School, who attacked the last planting for this season
with such gusto that there was time for a session at the playground
before heading back to school.

Keep Dunedin Beautiful is having a clean up day, as part of Clean Up
NZ Week, and Warrington Reserve Group wanted to give our community an
opportunity to participate. Come join us at 10:00AM SATURDAY 6
SEPTEMBER at the playground on Warrington Domain, opposite the Surf
Club. We will be giving out rubbish bags and gloves. Bring the kids,
and have a walk at your own pace on the beach, bay or domain, and
clean up as you go. Phone Nancy Higgins 4821198 if you want more

Any other queries phone Karen Hobday 4822762

by Karen Hobday and Jannine Cunningham

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