Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Waitati's Mushroom magazine makes it big uptown

An Auckland duo's presentation in a K-Road gallery has celebrated "the
energies and efforts" of 'Mushroom' magazine, an alternative lifestyle
publication spawned in Waitati in 1974.

Louise Menzies and Warren Olds, at Artspace, 300 Karangahape Rd
"articulate the closeness and the distance of the optimism of the
recent past" in their work on a poster collaged from many issues of
'Mushroom', including instructions on mulching, advertisements for
dowsing rods and bio-rhythm calendars:

'Mushroom', an "alternative living magazine" published in Waitati, New
Zealand from
1974-85 was a self-published, non-profit, non-professional activity of
people. As their opening editorial stated, "Call it subsistence
publishing if you like. We want to cover: Communes and Communities;
The Ohu Scheme; Homesteading; Rural Technology; Alternative
Schooling; Natural Foods; Organic gardening and farming; Crafts;
Survival in Cities; Personal Awareness..."

by the editors

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Warrington, Evansdale, Waitati, Doctors Point), Dunedin, New Zealand.
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Chris V said...

I worked on Mushroom in 1974/75 with Alan Admore and Anneke De Leur. Anyone know if they are still around ?

Chris Vevers