Saturday, 23 August 2008

Waitati haul leads to security upgrade

The theft of an unopened case of white wine from the Waitati Hall has
left the Waitati School PTA seriously out of pocket and sparked a
major security upgrade.

"We hope to remedy the situation with a very loud alarm and several
deadbolts on doors and windows," Mandy maymem of the Hall Committee
told 'Blueskin News'. "Its a shame that a few bad antics can spoil it
for everyone else."

The burgulary, after the clean-up on the Sunday following the PTA's
'Bit of a Do', follows a number of incidents recently at the Hall
involving vandalism and general mischief, Mandy said.

"We believe some young people have been gaining entry to the Hall by
unlocking doors during public functions or while the Library is open.
We remind all Hall users to check every exit is secure after their

The Hall Committee are determined to catch the culprits and would like
any information to be passed on to the Port Chalmers Police, and for
people to call 111 if they see any suspicious activity.

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