Saturday, 23 August 2008

Waitati Energy Project

PHOTO: Bill Currie, one of the Powerhouse Wind team,
demonstrating to Derek Onley how the single blade turbine works at
thge Waitati Energy Expo last month.

Te Energy Expo on Sunday 10 August was a resounding success: that's
the consensus of organisers, participants and from comments received.
One of the ways I personally experienced the success of the day was
when I went to buy some lunch (cheerfully provided by the Waitati PTA)
at around 3 o'clock, only to discover it had long run out. Luckily
however there was plenty of hand-made ice-cream being churned out so I
didn't go hungry.

The format of the day, with speakers, exhibitors (local and
commercial) and activities seemed to work well. Niki Bould of Port
Chalmers won by popular choice the Energy Efficiency and Innovation
Competion with her draught stopper (the prize of organic meat and
super-size fresh vegetables was donated by local WEGgies Dennis and
Tracy Kyle). Adults and children alike kept an eye on the Olympics (as
long as someone was pedalling Nathan Clarke's bike-generated TV –
thanks Meiling and Nils), while others made bags and draught stoppers
(thanks Niki and Jenna), visited the various stalls, sampled
Malgosia's ice-cream, listened to speakers, quizzed Bill Currie about
Powerhouse Wind's single blade turbine, trialled an electric bike, or
just soaked it all up.

Thanks to all our speakers (Chris Perley, Neville Auten, Mike
Goldsmith, Sean Connaughton, and Maureen Howard); all the exhibitors
(Powerhouse Wind, Browns Bikes, Yunka Fires, Burford Tanks, Otago
Insulation, Placemakers, Power Options, the Solar Shop, Centameter,
Hybrid House, Whare Mahana, Jens and Adrienne Rekker, Waitati Edible
Gardens, W3 Rideshare, Orokonui Ecosanctuary, DCC, and the Green
Party); our MCs' (Nick Prosser and Anisha Hensley); the Waitati
Militia; the Waitati PTA. Thank you to all those from Waitati to
Warrington who put in such an effort to
organise/set-out/welcome/clean-up/unpack and pack, etc. Please forgive
any omissions.

Alas, the electric car didn't make it to Waitati (something to do with
the extreme cold and the inability to rapidly recharge the battery),
so that will have to be for another day, and our Otago Energy Research
Centre (OERC) speakers couldn't make it either but the day was very
full as it was.

What is coming up? The next thing Waitatians will notice will be a
household energy survey arriving in the mail from the OERC. You may
have spoken with Martha Bell (who is coordinating the survey) at the
Expo about the survey. If we can get a really good response to the
survey it will be a great source of information for the Waitati Energy
Project and initiatives we undertake. It will help us focus our energy
and will also help us secure funds for targeted projects, so please
look out for it, and please complete it and return it.

Finally, some corrections: we received great coverage in the ODT on
the Friday just prior to the Expo, but some of the photos were
incorrectly labelled: the image of insulation being installed in a
roof is not at Mark and Rayna Dickson's place, but is Whare Mahana
installing Novatherm in Rhys Owen's house in Warrington (Rhys won the
Warm Homes Info Evening Prize of a roof-lot of ceiling insulation from
Novatherm, and installation from Whare Mahana). I was pictured in
front of Jenny MacDonald's turbine which was installed by Ian Buchan
of Power Options: this is not the turbine that will power Waitati and
nor is it Powerhouse Wind's single blade turbine, and I was just a
prop! However the publicity was excellent and certainly contributed to
our very successful day.

If you want to receive more detailed updates or be involved in the
Waitati Energy Project please contact me to join the WEP list by
calling 4822249 or emailing:

by Scott Willis

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