Saturday, 23 August 2008


We now have over 70 people registered on the ride share – mainly from
Waitati but some from Warrington, Waikouaiti, Karitane and Merton.

I've been using the scheme to get to and from work and it has all gone
really well. In the morning I've always been picked up by a ride share
member within 10 minutes and on the way home I wait at NZ Blood and
there is a similar wait to get a lift.

I think a lot of members who park in town may hit the one-way north of
NZ Blood. Because the NZ Blood pick-up is the closest to the CBD this
is likely to be the most frequented spot for those wanting a lift. So
– if you can break the routine – we really need to make an effort to
pass NZ Blood!

If you don't see anyone waiting then it may be that we've already got a lift.

Just wanted to say thanks to Mark and Claire Brown for putting the
bike-stand behind the hedge at the nursery entrance, Alasdair Morrison
for getting us a very flash bike stand and thanks to George Terry for
the metal.

Also 'Library Louise' has done (and continues to do) heaps of work
keeping the database up-to-date and handing out IDs. Both car and
people IDs are now ready for members to pick up from the Blueskin

The following W3 Ride Share information is a summary of what people
put on their Registration Form.

I hope it reassures some of you that you can get to and from Dunedin.
Save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Get out of your car – it
works! Happy travelling.

by Jackie Fanning


W3 Ride Share summary presentation in word.doc

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