Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Fluoridation Action Group (column)

As we await our new water supply, we also await the answers to the
questions regarding fluoridation asked in March.

The DCC's Water management has put forward a recommendation that
councilors and all community board members be briefed by the Ministry
of Health and Public Health South about the perceived benefits of
artificial fluoridation. The Waikouaiti Coast Community Board endorsed
the idea of a presentation to council and all community boards from
both fluoridation promotors and opponents.

I was pleased to see our community board had the common sense to
recommend that this briefing be amended to include both sides of the
fluoride argument.

As a result, there will be a presentation to elected officials to
address questions raised earlier this year by members of our

This presentation is not open to the public or the media. People
interested in obtaining answers to the questions will need to read
over the minutes of the meeting, if these minutes are going to be
publicly available, which I have not confirmed yet.

I personally find it rather strange that questions asked by the public
will be answered behind closed doors to elected officials, but then I
never have understood politics!

For more information, to join or more regular update database, or to
have questions about artificial fluoridation answered, please email
nomassmedication @ gmail.com or phone 0276677857.

by Olive McRae

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