Monday, 21 July 2008


PHOTO: Joseph Dougherty of Warrington Reserve Group clears plastic hay
baling film from the Group's tree-planting site at the edge of
Warrington Domain. The building in the background is the Kings High
Shool outdoor education hostel, 'The Hatherly'. Photo supplied by
Warrington Reserve Group.


A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped with the planting at
Warrington Domain. It is very satisfying to have started the windbreak
of native plants. As we write this, we have had one successful
planting day. By the time you read this, a second public planting day
and an afternoon planting with Warrington school children will have

On Sunday 6 July we had a wonderful group of people from the Otago
region, including Warrington, Waitati and Karitane. They braved the
snow on the hills and came with spades, warm hats, and yummy food to
share at smoko. We heated water on a gas burner for cups of tea under
the macrocapa trees.

It was very special to have Matt Ellison, from Puketeraki Marae, give
a warm welcome and offer karakia before we began planting. Holes had
been dug into the sand, soil, and mulch layers beforehand, to make the
planting process easier. Harakeke/ flax, toe toe and pittosporum
tenuifolium were planted this year.

Special thanks go to many people. Local archaeologist Brian Allingham
contributed his expertise at the planning stage, to obtain permission
from the Historic Places Trust. He was also on site for the fencing
and planting, ensuring the site was respected, for which we are
grateful. Matt Schmidt at Historic Places Trust gave generously of his
time and knowledge. Mark Ross, Martin Thompson and Scott McLean at DCC
all contributed their time and commitment, and provided the financial
backing. Many local people did lots of work behind the scenes, over
several years, to make sure this planting project actually happened.

Ecologist David Blair shared his expertise in fence design. David and
a team of people dug the holes for fence posts, put up warratahs,
wire, rabbit-proof netting and shade cloth for added wind protection.
The rabbit proof netting goes along a short distance just under the
ground, as well as up the lower part of the fence, so we hope it will
keep the hungry rabbits out. Dunedin Environment Centre grew the
plants for us, and Designer Trees provided the soil and mulch.

If you walk around, you will see that we've only planted on part of
the site. There will be ongoing work weeding throughout the year, and
planting days over the next few winters to cover the site. We'll keep
you informed about when we need your help again.

Any suggestions or queries, please phone Karen Hobday on 4822762

by Karen Hobday, Wiremu Bretton and Roxy Hesson

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