Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Waikouaiti Coast Community Board

The Fluoride Issue

At our last meeting we endorsed a concept, put forward by the DCC
Water Department, of holding a briefing for all elected members on the
subject of fluoridation of drinking water, with the proviso that both
sides of the argument would be put forward. At the Infrastructure
Services Committee Meeting on 21 July a majority of Councillors voted
for this concept. Consequently, all Councillors and Community Board
Members will be invited to attend a briefing in the very near future
to learn more about this rather complex and technical subject.
Representatives from the Otago District Health Board and from the
Fluoride Action Network will present the case for and against
fluoridating drinking water supplies. We look forward to improving our
scant knowledge of this subject and we will report back to you,
hopefully in next month's issue.

W3 Ride Share

Board members are pleased to able to support this worthwhile
initiative. We are co-ordinating sponsorship and assistance for the
organisers of the scheme. In particular we would like to convey our
appreciation to the following:

Road Materials Workgear for sponsorship of the arm bands

Hall Bros Transport Ltd. for providing bicycle stands

Blasting & Coating Services Ltd. for blasting & painting the bicycle stands

Caledonian Marine & Engineering Services Ltd for modifying the bicycle
stands and also for printing & artwork

Speed Limit Review

This review is due again later in the year. Once again we will be
conveying our concerns about roading speed issues, in particular the
whole of Coast Road from Warrington to Karitane. We will keep you

Mega Skips

We have asked Council to revert to having the mega skips at Warrington
Domain three times a year. We will report back on the response to our

Warrington Domain

We expect the Camper Van Effluent Dump Site to be moved to its new
location by early October.

Our next meeting will be held on 3 September at Waitati Hall, starting
with a Public Forum at 5.30pm.

Please feel free to contact any of Board Members with any issues you may have:

Alasdair Morrison, Chairperson Ph 482 2505

Nancy Higgins Ph 482 1198

Geraldine Tait, Deputy Chairperson Ph 482 2517

Murray Holland Ph 465 7482

Andy Barratt Ph 021 890 048

Cr Andrew Noone Ph 465 7157

Gerard Collings Ph 465 7604

by Alasdair Morrison

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