Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Blueskin Garden Club

For our July meeting the Blueskin Garden Club met on Saturday 12 at
the Warrington Memorial Hall for a craft day where we had a good
turnout of members and friends. We commenced at 10am with morning tea
(and lots of home baking) and then Glenys Clements showed us how to
make brooches.

Glenys had brought along a huge and varied selection of items that we
could use. She had cut out the basic shapes and from there we were
told to use our imagination to create a brooch building up several
layers using different mediums, eg feathers, stamps, buttons to name
but a few. When we were happy with our end product we sprinkled on a
"magic" solution and baked the whole brooch in the oven where the
coating melted resulting in a hard baked surface over the entire
brooch. Following a shared lunch (of gigantic proportions), we then
had the opportunity of continuing with brooches or we could try our
hand at bead making. I think we all surprised ourselves with the
outcome of our handicrafts with some amazing articles being created.
We all had a most enjoyable day and thanks must go to Glenys for
providing all the "bits and bobs".

Our August meeting is on Saturday 9 August (this date varies from the
date in the Programme) when we are off to explore the Sawyers Bay/Port
Chalmers area. For further information on this please contact Lyn
Hastie 4822896 or Lyne Carlyle 4822822.

by Lesley Smith

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