Wednesday, 18 June 2008

WILD BLUESKIN: How many birds in your garden?

It is time for the second survey of garden birds to see if there is
any spread and increase in the number of birds and species in our
gardens since eradication of pests from the Orokonui Ecosanctuary.
For the first survey we did everything by email and will continue with
this, but have also put the questionnaire in the Blueskin News to try
to increase the level of participation in the local community.

The method of counting is very simple and similar to the national
survey that runs at the same time. During the week commencing July 13
you sit in a garden or by an open window for an hour and note all the
different species that visit, and also record the maximum number that
visit at any one time. If you see two Tuis early in the hour you
record '2', but if later on there are three together you just change
the '2' to '3'

Derek Onley will be running one-hour training sessions for those who
would like to take part, and if you have any queries you can call
Michael Fay at 4822806 or email mikeandvalfay @ . The
completed survey forms should be returned to Michael Fay, 827 Mt
Cargill Road, RD 2, Waitati. Happy counting.

by Michael Fay and Derek Onley

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