Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Waitati Edible Gardens

Midwinter greeting to you all. The WEGgies are proud (and late, sorry)
to announce that they are in full support of the Waitati School Edible
Garden. The garden has been reinvigorated by Michaela and other
helping hands including Jason Ross, who has created a wonderful
(colour coded) planting calendar. Now we all want one, but will have
to make do with Derek's Garden Diary. The WEGgies have decided to
supply seedlings for the school and do the weeding in the holidays.
Hooray and big up for the child Vegetablites of Watiati! May your mini
wheel barrows groan under the weight of eyebrow-high broccolis for
many years to come! If anyone wants to help the school garden, please
contact Michaela at the school.

by Lucy Jack

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