Saturday, 21 June 2008

W3 Ride Share (column)

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money

We have been flat tack with news media asking about our ride share
scheme and need a quiet weekend. So far W3 has been mentioned in
Blueskin News, ODT, Classic Hits, and Radio Dunedin, while The Star
may soon also have an article.

W3 Ride-Share is essentially for commuters during rush hours. You are
not obligated to pick up anyone, or at a particular time, nor do you
have to fill your car with people.

* Rush-hours are 0700 - 0900 (to town) and 1600 - 1800 (home) - these
hours may be extended if there is demand

* Car parking and a bike stand are available at the Blueskin Bay Library

* The Ride-Share is a one-way travel scheme

* People must pay $2 to the driver if they are getting the lift

* The scheme is about going past the pick-up points and seeing if
anyone is waiting for a lift

* People in the scheme will be wearing armbands (if waiting) or have
an id symbol on their dashboard

You get identification when you register at the Blueskin Bay Library
or Waikouaiti Library (cost $2). W3 Ride-Share is also for people who
do not have cars and for teenagers. Contact details on the
Registration Form will not be publicly available. This scheme will
start when enough people have registered. Tentatively this will be on
the 11th of August. For more information contact the Blueskin Bay
Library on 482-2444.

by Jackie Fanning

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