Friday, 20 June 2008

OPINION: Take No Notice

We are extremely lucky in the Blueskin Bay area to have a very active
community with a large number of groups providing activities and
services for both adults and children. We have two well supported
primary and pre- schools, a great library, Volunteer Fire Brigade,
Surf Life Saving Club, Film Society and many other groups. There are
many fund raising events and community activities organised to support
and promote local groups.

Our local notice boards are also really important ways for us to get
the news out. The Waikouaiti Coast Community Board has recently made
grants to upgrade notice boards in both Waitati (outside the hall) and
Warrington (the notice board near the P.O. Boxes will soon be

Sometimes people need an extra prompt to remind them about the date
and focus of an event. In Waitati some local people have made a
blackboard which is used regularly to promote local activities. At
Evansdale large signs are sometimes attached to the road barrier near
the turn off to Warrington. Workers who maintain the highway have
occasionally removed these on the grounds that they are distracting
for passing traffic (not nearly as distracting as the Habode I would
think!). The other favourite spot is nailed up under the "Don't Drink
the Water " sign.

On Thursday 12 June the Waitati Energy Group (of which I'm a member)
organised an information evening, aimed at helping people keep their
homes warmer and save money. The main speaker was Neville Auton who is
the Energy Manager for the DCC. A fantastic prize of a house lot of
ceiling insulation provided by NOVAtherm was on offer. A local artist
painted two colourful signs to remind people about this meeting. One
was put up in Waitati, over the "Water" sign and was taken down by
Water Department staff. The other one mysteriously disappeared from
below the "Water" notice at Evansdale, the day before the meeting.

This made some of us pretty mad. Who took it down? Was it some local
who is deeply offended by colourful signs promoting informative talks
on how to save power (I think the Government would be happy about the
aim of our meeting). I'd like to think we live in a friendly and
tolerant community where people respect others. The legs of the
Evansdale "Don't Drink the Water" sign are a great place to put up
notices, Surf Club and a number of other groups have used this space
to keep us informed of local events. As long as local notices are not
covering the "Water" sign they are not doing any harm, so please leave
them alone, next time you might win a house load of insulation!

by Geraldine Tait

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