Monday, 28 May 2007

Waikouaiti Police May Community Report

Tena koutou katoa,

This month Police have been kept busy with a number of interesting incidents.

On the 3rd of May a small flock of sheep decided to escape and make a
break for freedom, it appeared the "escapees" were determined not to
be caught, and at once point were observed running along State Highway
One through town. However a few keen locals came to the aid of Police
and assisted in the "apprehension" of the wayward wanderers.

Residents in Warrington are advised to monitor the whereabouts of
their cats and dogs, especially at night as it would seem there is a
local who has taken to shooting cats. Any information regarding
suspicious activity or persons seen in possession of firearms in
circumstances which should not be permitted should contact Police.

On the 22nd of April Police attended a crash involving a couple
returning to Ashburton and eight Malaysian tourists travelling to
Dunedin. Thankfully no one was injured but arranging transport for
those involved and their luggage posed quite a challenge. Thanks to
the local Fire Brigade everyone involved was taken back to the
Waikouaiti Police Station by fire truck until more suitable transport
was arranged.

Finally on the 19th of May an intoxicated man made his way to the
local Police Station, and after gaining the attention of off duty
Police threatened to harm himself. He was subsequently arrested and
taken to Dunedin Central Police Station and referred to Dunedin
Emergency Psychiatric Services.

Remember be vigilant when travelling and always drive to the
conditions. If you require information regarding road conditions
telephone Transit New Zealand on 0800 44 44 49.

If you see anything suspicious or if you wish to speak to the Police
regarding any other matter you can contact us on 03 465 9127 or 027
436 9302. In emergencies dial 111. Until next month, take care.

Constable Jon-Paul Tremain
New Zealand Police, Waikouaiti

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Thursday, 24 May 2007

School launches "Sustainable Warrington" discussion

Warrington School will hold a workshop on June 12 for students,
parents, staff and local residents to discuss the sustainability of
the school and its surrounding community. "Last year we consulted on
directions for the school's curriculum and reviewed the draft national
curriculum," principal Nathan Parker explained. "We are now ready for
another look at where the school may be heading and there's a chance
for everyone to have an input," he said.

Tania Mclean, Education for Sustainability Advisor from the University
of Otago, will assist with the process as a facilitator. The
"Sustainable Warrington" public sessions will run 3-5pm and 7-9pm on
Tuesday June 12. Attendance at one or both of these is open to all
families and other local residents.

by Peter Dowden

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Looming sports fixtures in Blueskin Bay area

Table Tennis

A local competition of individuals and doubles, both female and male
will commence this Winter beginning in July. A table has been obtained
but this competition could use a local business sponsor for needed
equipment. More details next issue.


A darts team competition wiull be formalised at the
yet-to-be-scheduled cricket prizegiving evening, as several of the
teams have a cricket club identity. It is expected that many teams
outside of the cricket fraternity will join what is hoped to be a
well-patronised and competitive pastime. More details next issue.

compiled by Digby Hodgson

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Waitati Tennis Open

Three first round matches for the men's title have been drawn: Digby
Hodgson v Scott Sharkie, Bill Maslin v Frank O'Neill, and Luke Parry v
Marty. Two more players may enter to expand the draw if they're quick.

At the time of writing for this edition, only Digby v Scott had been
played resulting in a 6-2, 6-1 victory to Digby. The score did not
accurately depict the competitive element in this match, with many
games going to deuce. Digby proceeds to the semifinals while Scott has
a sudden-death repechage match to make a semi.

The Women's title has two entrants so far wnd would like more. Please
phgone 482 2120 if you would like to play in this flexible tournament.

by Digby Hodgson

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Blueskin Bay Rugby Fives Tournament 2007

Most teams cancelled their appearances in the first ever Blueskin Bay
Fives held on Sunday 20th May. A City team withdrew on Friday with
nagging injuries, whilst the Varsity team invited were mysteriously
ill from Saturday night food and drink (the waitress is still
unknown). The local Whare did not have enough notice to prepare a good
side this year but are keen to be a force in next year's tournament.

Warrington could not muster any meaningful presence and the expected
challenge from Waikouaiti touch players did not survive the first
hurdle. Waitati Athletic were well represented and contended the title
against a 'Combined' – a Harlequins and Athletic selection. Athletic
looked the best with an early lead of 3-1 but just before half-time
with a man down the tide turned. Harlequins dug in and whittled the
lead down. At 3-all Athletic scored with a typical Oxley intercept,
Digby Hodgson persued but was left floundering and bit the dust. 4-3
turned to 4-5 as Stuart Griffiths showed every inch of his pedigree
(former captain of Canterbury B Rugby Union reps) in setting up a try.
With sublime ease Stuart crossed with the winner for Combined.

Rugby 5s has two versions: the least-played version allows kicking on
the last touch. The kicking game title was contested by an Appleby
team and Combined.

Peter 'Inga' Appleby scored a 25-metre try which was the highlight of
the game and has thrown a challenge to all Blueskin mature people who
think they are past it. Village sport is for everyone and Inga Appleby
punctuated that. Rugby 5s looks forward to his talent for next season
and Harlequins have made an offer to this exciting winger for the 2008
and 2009 seasons.

Combined won 5-4 to take a second title by the same margin. Stuart
Griffiths was a close Player of the day winner.

by Digby Hodgson

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Rugby 5s 2007 season report

The 2007 Rugby 5s began with a friendly expo match between Blueskin
Barbarians and Warrington RFC. Barbarians is a rep side from all
Waitati and played up to expectation, with an 8-1 victory over newly
re-formed Warrington. Warrington's effort was brave as they had no sub
on a very hot day.

The competition was on fixed days which meant rain cancelled many
fixtures. By the time daylight saving stopped only two rounds were
complete. Harlequins won the competition beating warrington 6-2 and
Athletic 4-3 in the first round. They then held Warrington back 5-3
and smuggled a last-second draw with Athletic: 3-3 on the second

Athletic finished second overall but were just as deserving as they
had the better of Harlequins in the last act of the season.

Warrington had one win in five appearances. On that day they scored 5
tries to 2, the quality of their play would have matched even the
Blueskin Baba's. Long live warrington RFC.

Blueskin Rugby 5s enjoyed the sponsorship of Lee from Blueskin Bay
Cafe. Thank-you Lee on behalf of all Rugby Fivers for the support of
your establishment.

by Digby Hodgson

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Letter to the Editor

In response to last edition's letter by Terry Sheppard, in which it is
written "Blandings castle does not exist": PG Wodehouse wrote over
ninety books. He is famous as the creator of Jeeves and Wooster and
the inhabitants of Blandings Castle.

So do unicorns exist? Does God exist?

Terry is right: unicorns, God and Blandings Castle are inventions of
mind. Existence is made of sterner stuff.

Your Philosopher of the Stone,

Digby Hodgson

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Blueskin Playcentre news

Kia ora Tatou, greetings to everyone

Term 2 has been a relaxing term so far. The children have been
enjoying the warm weather we have been given. There was a lot of
action in the sandpit and bike track. The garden even got a nice
clearing out. The Playcentre acquired new picnic tables and the
children have made lots of use of them. It's nice when new equipment
is received well. On the colder days our hall has been used well by
the children. There is a lot of dancing to music as well as climbing
on gym equipment. The centre will have a visit to the Dunedin Central
Fire Station. We are all looking forward to that.

The parents are heading into a bit of a busy time at Playcentre. We
are gearing up for our annual Jumble Sale. Thank you to those who
have passed on jumble already. There is still time to have a clear
out and pass it on. Our Jumble Sale will be held on Sunday, June 10th
from 11am – 2pm. There are always treasures to be found at this
event. There will be clothes, bric-a-brac, furniture, a café and BBQ.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Please be patient if you are an early bird. Doors will not be open to
the public until 11am.

We would like to welcome Courtney back to Playcentre. It is always
fun to see an old friend. We have had some nice visits with new
families. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to share our centre and
you are welcome anytime.

We wish Jacob and Isaac a wonderful time at their new centre. We will
miss your smiles and good humour.

We wish Joshua a big HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!

Playcentre is a wonderful place to gain new friends and retouch with
old ones. Parents are supported with their child's learning and can
develop their involvement through Playcentre training. Feel free to
stop by for a cup of tea and see what we are all about.

We're open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, 9:30-12:00
noon. We cater for children aged from 0-6 years of age, their parents
and caregivers. Come and get to know other parents with young
children in the community. For information you can give our
co-presidents a call: Mandy, 482 2752 or Tracey, 482 1406. Our Centre
ph 027 427 1727, during session times.

by Frances Beumer

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> Thanks!
> Frances

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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Opinion feature: Waitati whare weaves educational excellence

I wonder how many folk in Blueskin Bay know that a Capping Ceremony
was held for 16 students on 5 May in Waitati. Where? Yes, a graduation
here in Waitati. To be precise, in Foyle Street in the Whare Wananga.

Who were these students? I ought to know because I was one of them: a
68-year-old pakeha woman. It was profoundly moving to step forward to
be capped, wearing the beautiful cloak. We had just completed a course
in the Maori University, Te Wananga o Aotearoa. The graduates came
from as far afield as Riverton and Christchurch, because apart from
Blenheim, Waitati boasts the only centre for the University's weaving,
carving and cultural studies in the South Island. We gathered under
the leadership of one of New Zealand's best master weavers. It may be
one of our best kept secrets but little Waitati is now on the national
map of Maori University courses.

The Whare Wananga o te Whanau Arohanui provides tuition in the above
skills in a quite inspirational style. We all feel ourselves to be
members of the family, the whanau. The course runs every second
weekend, from Friday night to Sunday afternnoon, but it's unlike any
other educational course I have experienced. Coming from a long
distance, many of the participants are accommodated overnight at the
whare. We begin with karakia, work together, eat together, help one
another, chat a lot, look after the kids. There's an awesome intensity
about it though. It's really hard work, but it's also quite
heart-warming. It's a total experience, from which educational centres
throughout new Zealand could learn heaps. Aty least that's what I

What will you get out of it? Well the primary thing is the thrill of
gaining a new creativity, learning the age-old ways of dressing the
flax, dyeing the fibres and so on, and being part of a corporate
activity that produces the most beautiful artofacts imaginable. You
could start lioke me and gain an NZQA accredited te Wananga o Aotearoa
Certificate in Kawai Raupapa (Level 4). How long is the programme?
It's no small commitment: a 36-week programme at Level 4 with
practical and theoretical parts to it. A further two years at Level 5
and 6 are necessary to obtain a Diploma.

But these formal qualifications aren't the important thing. It's the
friendships you make, the taste of the warmth and wealth of Maori
culture, the privilege of learniung from a master weaver with a
wonderful knowledge of Maori arts and crafts. It's open to all and
costs nothing. If you're interested, why not drop by some time, maybe
at one of the open days, and see for yourself? You won't regret it.

by Heinke Sommer-Matheson

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Climate Change meeting in Waitati

Climate change is the greatest threat we face. You are invited to a
public meeting on climate change
with Jeanette Fitzsimons MP, Sunday, June 24, 7:30pm at Waitati Hall.
Please bring something to share for supper afterwards. Hosted by
Blueskin Greens. Contact Nancy at 482 1198 for details.

by Nancy Higgins

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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Orokonui Ecosanctuary News June 2007

A General Manager for the Orokonui Ecosanctuary has been appointed.
She is Chris Baillie and has recently returned to Dunedin after
working on various ecological projects in Australia. She comes highly
qualified and full of enthusiasm. We hope you will be able to meet her
at our next local meeting which will be on August 15th.

At the May 16 meeting the Trust announced their decision confirming
that the main entrance and visitor centre is to remain at Mihiwaka
(Blueskin Rd). I would like to thank Graeme Bennett for agreeing to
present his proposal to the May 2 meeting, and for answering all those
questions including the difficult, the heated and the occasionally
personal. Thank you Graeme.

I would also like to thank the almost 100 people who attended that
meeting and showed their overwhelming support for the ecosanctuary

To mark the closing of the fence a walk (approx 2 ½ hrs) from top
(Blueskin Rd) to bottom (Orokonui Rd) will be held. The date depends
on when the fence is completed and notification of the walk date will
be by email and notices in the usual places.

For further information on the ecosanctuary see our box at the
Blueskin Bay Library or visit

by Sue Hensley

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Playground Planting Draft

Do you like the general idea of the planting draft? Yes No


Do you like the lower tussocks/grasses nearest the surf club? Yes No

Do you like the higher planting on the bay side of the playground? Yes No


We are working with the DCC to create a notice board for information
about the beach and reserve, to be located near the playground. Our
first choice is option A (see draft plan), which is close to where the
road forks (to the bay and to the surf club/playground) because most
people would see it on their way to the beach or bay. Do you like this
site? (option A) Yes No

Do you prefer it to be beside the playground? (option B) Yes No

Do you have another suggested site?

We would like to relocate the campervan dump station away from the
playground for health reasons. We suggest the new location be by the
sewage pumps, on the side of the road to the bay.

Do you agree? Yes No

Other suggested location:

Warrington Domain

What activities do you think are OK on the beach and on the grassed
area of the domain?

On the beach On the Domain
Yes No YesNo


Camping- tents

Camping- campervans

Horse riding


Any other comments?

We have a fire risk at certain times of the year, but people light
fires anyway, so we could construct some purpose built, contained
fireplace areas on the large grassed part of the Domain to minimise
the risk. Do you think this is a good idea? Yes No

Would you use gas barbecues, if they were installed? Yes No

We think we need more rubbish bins on the domain, and at the car park
area on the bay (back beach). Yes No Other sites for
rubbish bins?

Do you think our toilet facilities are adequate? Yes No

If no, what would you like to see changed/upgraded?

Beach/ Bay area

We would like to make the entrance to the bay, at the corner of Bank
and Bay Roads, safer for people by stopping vehicle access. Would you
support this? Yes

No If no, why?

We want to protect the wildlife on the beach, such as sea lions, and
birds, especially the rare black oyster catchers that try to breed at
the far end of the spit, the pied stilts, and the godwits that rest on
the spit every summer before flying to Alaska.

We would also like to protect the sand dunes, especially from damage
by motorbikes and four wheel drives.

What do you think we can do to best protect our area?

What do you like best about our beach and reserve?

What do you like least about our beach and reserve?

Have we missed any area of interest or concern for you?

What do you think are our most important areas of the beach and
reserve and how do you think we can best protect them?

Please put completed forms in the cardboard boxes provided, by the
postal boxes at Warrington or Blueskin General Store. Any questions,
phone Karen 4822762

Thank you for your feedback.

Warrington Reserve Group

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What's happening at the Domain?

Although it looks like nothing has happened to replant the area where
the pines were cut down last year, there has been great effort to make
progress. The area is part of an important archaeological site, and
work needs to be carried out there before we can plant. The local
archaeologist who was going to carry out the work has been unable to
do so, due to other work commitments, so now the applications are
being sorted out to allow Richard Walter and Chris Jacomb, of Southern
Pacific Archaeological Research, to complete the work so that we can
then get on with the planting. We have access to lots of mulch, which
we can put on top of the site before planting, to nourish the plants.

Draft Planting Plan: What do you think?

We have been looking at how we can improve the playground area, and
provide shade and shelter from the wind, while still leaving lots of
room for car parking around the edge of the planting. We have included
two drawings, a bird's eye view and a side on view. Our idea is to
create a sheltered, beautiful area, with picnic tables and lots of
room for games and running around.

We want your feedback on our draft planting plan, so please look at
the drawings, and fill in the questionnaire. You can put the completed
forms in cardboard boxes by the postal boxes at Warrington, or at
Blueskin General store. There are also questions on the Warrington
Domain area, beach and bay. We want your feedback, so we have a good
idea about what is important to you, to take to the DCC. Please have
your say.
Community Consultation

There will be a community consultation meeting for the Coastal Dune
Reserves Management Plan with Ruth McKain, DCC Reserves Resource
Officer, at Warrington Hall 7:30-9:30pm June 28. The purpose of this
meeting is to get community opinion on issues relating to the
Warrington Reserve, which will help shape DCC policy, looking after
our beach and reserve in the years to come. We hope many of you will
participate in person. If you cannot go and want some issue raised,
please ring Karen 4822762 or write it down and put it in our
questionnaire box (Warrington postal boxes or Blueskin General Store)
as we want a diversity of interests presented to the DCC. Remember to
register beforehand, if you want to come along (see article on page

Looking for photos: Can you help?

We were wondering if you could help us. We need digital pictures of
children playing on the playground equipment, and people gathering
cockles in the bay (back beach), for a sign about wildlife and
activities. Please ring if you have any you could share with us.

Any questions, please ring Karen 4822762

By Karen Hobday and the Warrington Reserve Group

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Blueskin Media thanks dedicated helper

We are all sad to farewell Blueskin Media's internet whizz Rob
Sherriff who left our small group last month to concentrate on his
other commitments. Guitar-pickin' Rob has been instrumental in setting
up the new website and in streamlining the flow of
articles from our Contributors in a very efficient network of
automatic email forwarding and archiving. Blueskin News would have had
a lot of little gaps in it with missing articles without Rob's help
and now he leaves a very big gap in our team.

Rob goes with our love, thanks and very best wishes.

by Peter Dowden, on behalf of Blueskin Media

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Wild Blueskin feature: Leith Saddle Track

Drive to the top of the Dunedin-Waitati motorway and park in a large
gravel dump just off the main road. Secure your vehicle well and cross
the side road where a sign announces the Leith Saddle Track. Walk up a
boardwalk for about 45min with good bird song abounding. Continue up a
well-defined track with excellent views of the city and surrounds
until you reach the trig point.

From here you could:
• continue to the Telecom microwave tower over a pleasant track then
turn left and walk down the Pipeline Track • continue along the Swampy
Ridge Track to either the Pineapple Track or Nicols Creek track (both
to the left)
• take the right track across to Hightop and Mountain Road

Either way you'll be miles from your car so best to return from the
micrtowave tower to the boardwalk and your vehicle or if you have
time, follow the road around past the Airways New Zealand building and
walk down Burns Saddle to the Burns Track or Rustlers Track. Either
one will take you down to the road a couple of hundred metres from
your car. Both take several hours but it's all downhill.

Major sponsor for the boardwalk was Hannah['s Shoes in 1992. Fulton
Hogan and Jaco's Timber helped considerably. Volunteers carried all
the timber up and helped build the boardwalk.

I have met up to twenty people using the track on a Wednesday. It must
be very well used on weekends and its appearance indicates this.

Boots, food, drink, warm clothing, a friend or two, hat, gloves, parka
and a pack are sensible accoutrements. A good level of fitness ensures
that these little excursions will be enjoyed greatly. Tramping seems
to be the best way to get fit for tramping! For cramp, crunch a 'Tums'
indigestion tablet. It stops the pain in a minute for some people.

by George Sutherland, Green Hut Track Group

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DCC calls coastal consultation meeting

Consultation Workshops – Coastal Dune Reserves Management Plan

The Dunedin City Council's Community and Recreation Services Team is
in the process of preparing a management plan for coastal reserves.
The 'Coastal Dune Reserves Management Plan' will cover up to 11
coastal reserves located along the Dunedin City coastline from
Waikouaiti south to Kuri Bush. Many of these reserves are managed for
recreation but also play an important role in coastal protection.

Public consultation is a key part of the process of preparing
management plans and community workshops are being held to explore the
current and future management of Dunedin's dune reserves. The aims of
the workshops are:

• to identify the strengths and values associated with individual reserves
• to identify the desired future outcomes for the reserves over the
next 10 years
• to consider what the issues and barriers are that might prevent
these outcomes being achieved
• to identify the options or solutions that will enable us to overcome
the barriers that have been identified

The purpose of the consultation is to ensure the public have an
opportunity to discuss issues that they feel passionately about, and
to enable those writing the draft management plan to collect
information as to how the communities value and use the reserves, and
to identify what the communities' hopes are for the future uses and
management of the reserves.

The workshops include a presentation by DCC staff about reserve
management and the individual reserves being considered, then split
into groups to discuss and record community input, and finally an Open
Forum where members of the public can ask any questions not covered in
the groups. Staff are present throughout and are available for the
public to chat with after the workshops are finished.

Two successful workshops have already been held, at Waldronville and
Brighton, and three more have been scheduled including:

• Warrington Reserve: Warrington Memorial Hall, Thursday 28th June 7.30-9.30 pm
• Waikouaiti and Karitane Reserves: Karitane Hall, Wednesday 4th July
7.00-9.00 pm

To ensure that numbers can be managed effectively all participants are
asked to register: please contact Lauren Berry on 03 474 3868 or
cars.admin @

For further information, please contact Ruth Ruth McKain 474 3595 or, or Dolina Lee 474 3695 or

by Ruth McKain, DCC

Logging trucks on Blueskin Rd

Further to the query at an Orokonui Ecosanctuary meeting about logging
trucks towing trailers on Blueskin Road, local community councillor
Alasdair Morrison has checked with the appropriate person at DCC.

It is a condition of the permit to use the road that empty logging
trucks carry their trailers 'piggy back'. Towing the trailer is not
permitted. Any breaches of this should be reported.

Concerned residents can either contact Pieter Besuijen at Dunedin City
Council - 477 4000 - or give Alasdair a call.

by Sue Hensley

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Re: FW: Blueskin News Blueskin Bay Library newsletter for June 2007

Kia ora once again. This month we are reminding you about the 'book
car' at Warrington, story times, the Warrington book club, the men's
wellness programme, 'sick packs' and announcing the arrangements for
the Autumn reading programme prizes.

The 'library comes to Warrington'

The trial period ends soon and so the last dates are Wednesday, June
6, when the 'book car' will be at Warrington Memorial Hall 2-3.30pm,
and Thursday, June 7, when we'll be at the Hall from 6-7pm. You are
welcome to come, borrow books, return books, or sign up as a new
library member. When we have had a chance to assess this trial, we
will let you know how it went.


• At 10.30am every Friday in the library. Helen reads from our
wonderful selection of picture books to whoever, small people, large
people, might like to sit down and listen.

• At 4pm in the Waitati hall, every second Friday, Heinke tells
stories to older children, as well as younger children and adults.
Come along on June 1, 15 and 29. Everyone welcome.

Warrington Children's Book Club

The June meeting will be on Tuesday 26th, 3.15-4.30pm. All keen
readers are welcome to come and share the books they have been reading
with Helen and the other club members. Refreshments provided.

Men's programme.

Planning for this is continuing. Mike would like to hear from any of
the Blueskin Bay men he has not already spoken to. In addition, it
would be good to hear further thoughts from those he has already
spoken with. There have been several suggestions so far but it has
not been easy to get a common thread of interest to base a "Men's
wellness" series on. Most men spoken with so far are not interested
in attending a whole series but might be prepared to attend one or two
evenings of specific interest to them. It is hard to draw in really
good speakers, especially from outside this community, unless we can
guarantee good attendances. Present thoughts are to have occasional
evenings with a topic that is of interest to men.

Sick packs

Winter is here and we hope you glow with good health for the entire
season. But in case you do have to take to your bed, we can provide a
little comfort in the form of a 'sick pack'. The contents will depend
upon whether you are a child or adult, and your reading preferences.
Ask someone to contact us, or contact us yourself if that's convenient
and we'll arrange for a selection of 'goodies' to be made up for you.
You'll feel much better for it.

Prizes for Autumn Reading Programme

This programme has been relatively low-key, and so in that spirit we
have not had the usual grand prize-giving ceremony. But there are
indeed prizes! If you registered for this programme, and achieved
your reading goal, come into the library and collect your prize, which
will have your name on it. You deserve it!

Winter is the time that was probably invented so that we all could
snuggle down with good books, CDs, DVDs etc. Enjoy it! And come and
see us so that we can help you to do just that. Love from Louise,
Carolyn, Helen, Mike and Meaghan.

by Louise Booth

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Ecosanctuary ticks the top option

Decision on Orokonui Ecosanctuary visitor centre location

The Otago Natural History Trust has consulted widely in considering
whether to continue with plans for the Orokonui Ecosanctuary visitor
centre at the top of the Orokonui valley or to take up the generous
offer of a site at the bottom of the valley. After careful
consideration of the pros and cons of each site, the Trust has decided
to continue with plans for the top site.

The visitor centre location must:

• Have good potential to attract visitors
• Provide quality visitor experiences for a range of market segments
• Enable both visitors and the ecosystem to be managed effectively
• Minimise the costs of establishment
• Maximise the potential for income so the sanctuary is self-sustaining

The top site is on a road that is likely to become part of the
Southern Scenic Route, with relatively slow-moving traffic that will
be able to see the visitor centre and stop to investigate. The bottom
site is invisible from any major roads, and to approach it from SH1 or
Mt. Cargill Road would require a deliberate decision based on prior
knowledge of the visitor centre's existence.

The top site enables visitors to approach from Port Chalmers, Waitati,
the Old North Road/Mt. Cargill Road, Donald's Hill Road, and SH 1,
none of which requires a return on the same route. All provide
commanding views and an overall impression of naturalness that are not
available on the approach by a lengthy cul-de-sac from Waitati to the
bottom site.

The top site has panoramic views of much of eastern Otago, as well as
over much of the sanctuary. Although relatively windy and fog-prone,
it demonstrates the conditions that allow the establishment of the
cloud forest for which coastal Otago's higher hills are renowned. The
bottom site is much more sheltered from the prevailing winds and is
less prone to fog, but little of the sanctuary or its surrounding
landscape is visible.

People will visit the sanctuary to see native vegetation and wildlife.
The top site is partly in native kanuka and broadleaved forest, with
the balance in low scrubby exotic vegetation that is progressively
being replaced by a variety of natural landscapes, including
grasslands, rocky outcrops, wetlands, low shrublands, and cloud
forest. These will offer an interesting diversity in both habitat and
wildlife; for example grasslands for takahe and weka, rock outcrops
for lizards, and wetlands for water birds. The bottom site, in
contrast, is of low naturalness, being surrounded by pasture and tall
eucalyptus forest. It offers little potential (at least in the
foreseeable future) for the establishment of native vegetation, and
access to native vegetation is constrained by distance and topography.

The top site has terrain suitable for many easily-graded walks of
short (1/2 to 1 hour) duration that the majority of visitors will
require. These will give access to a wide variety of native vegetation
and habitat types and the wildlife that these support. The bottom site
requires visitors to enter the sanctuary through tall eucalyptus
forest, and the only easy walk is to a very tall Australian tree.
Because only steep slopes are visible from the bottom site, visitors
would gain the impression that to explore the sanctuary requires a
degree of stamina that many would find daunting. There is limited
potential for the easy walks in native vegetation that would be
expected and required by the majority of visitors.

Construction of the 350 m access road to the top site would cost about
1/3 of that of the 1 km road to the bottom site; a difference costed
at about $380,000.

The visitor centre and its physical infrastructure are designed to be
environment-friendly, with the deliberate intention of showcasing
sustainable, efficient and cost-effective alternative ways of
designing and using buildings. The lack of a pre-existing water supply
and waste treatment facilities at the top site presents an opportunity
to use the latest low environmental impact technology, rather than the
1960s technology of the facilities that are established at the bottom

The Trust has recently been informed that the Dunedin City Council
will look favourably on the proposal to include much of the Mihiwaka
water reserve in the sanctuary, either as a separate fenced area or
linked by an underpass under Blueskin Road. If this happens, then the
top visitor centre site will be more or less central in the enlarged
sanctuary, with obvious benefits for management of both ecology and

Waitati people have expressed a clear preference for the top site at
public meetings over the last few years, and that was an important
factor in the Trust's choice of site. Although the recent public
meeting at Waitati showed that many people now support the bottom
site, there are still many opposed to it, especially those who would
be more or less directly affected. In contrast, the top site is
completely supported by neighbouring residents.

Ralph Allen, Otago Natural History Trust

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Waitati Toy Library update

Waitati Toy Library

We are open every fortnight on Saturday mornings from 10.30am until
11.30am and on the immediately following Monday evenings from 6.30pm
until 7.30pm. We
have a fantastic range of children's toys for hire. We can be found
in the Waitati Hall. New members are very welcome. For
more information contact Liz 482 1450.

Upcoming Toy Library dates:
• Saturday 26th May and Monday 28th May
• Saturday 9th June and Monday 11th June
• Saturday 23rd June and Monday 25th June

by Liz Ward

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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Warrington Playcentre fundraising with phone company deal

Are you a residential Telecom customer? If so, you could be helping
us at Warrington Playcentre … you can use your Telecom bill to help us
get a bigger share of up to $10 million donated to schools and Early
Learning Centres each year through Telecom's School Connection

It costs nothing to be a sponsor; all you have to do is nominate a
school – Warrington Playcentre! Once your monthly Telecom bill
reaches $50, every $25 you spend earns 1 point for our Playcentre. We
can redeem these points for modern computer technology and equipment,
it's a great way to get the most-up-to-date equipment into our
Playcentre and help our children learn exciting new skills that will
prepare them for the future.

If you would like to become a Warrington Playcentre Telecom School
Connection sponsor please do one of the following:

•Contact Dawn on 482-2787 and request a sponsor sign-up form; or
•Phone 123 to register; or

You will need to supply the following Playcentre details:

•Name of School: Warrington Playcentre
•School Address: PO Box 125, Warrington, Otago

You will also need to supply your own details such as Telecom Account
Holder's name, address and residential phone number.

On behalf of Warrington Playcentre we thank you in advance for your
support. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact
Dawn on 482-2787.

by Dawn Hope, Warrington Playcentre

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Monday, 7 May 2007

Reflections on Anzac Day 2007 in Waitati

Thanks to all those who contributed to the preparations and
commemoration of Anzac Day in Blueksin Bay.

The commitment of people to mow the lawn and clean the Cenotaph, make
the wreaths, set up the seating, coordinate the morning tea, create
beautiful floral arrangements, set up the sound system … go unseen
before the actual gathering together, but help make our service truly
a commemoration of the spirit of Anzac – that spirit of giving the
skills and time we have for the good of others.

Next year we would like to celebrate our local soldiers, and provide
better opportunity for those of us who live in the Bay to honour those
from our personal families who worked for peace by making themselves
available for the Armed Services.

If you have any history on any of the people named on the various
memorials around the Bay – Warrington Hall, Waitati Cenotaph, Upper
Junction Memorial – I would appreciate a copy to help create a
resource file for some students to create personal profiles from.

If you are in possession of medals from your forbears, or war stories
from your family history, please preserve them, and think about
whether you might present them for next year's Anzac Day

The idea is still in the brainstorming stage as yet – we welcome your comments.

by Helen Beamish hbeamish @
organiser for Blueskin bay Anzac Day commemorations, 2007

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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Waikouaiti Police Community Report April 2007

Tena koutou katoa,

Crashes and traffic incidents this month were a significant part of
duties carried out by local Police. Six crashes occurred along State
Highway One between Flag Swamp and Pigeon Flat Overbridge.

A fatal crash on Friday the 13th of April 2007 occurred at the Merton
Hill, two people died as a result. The State Highway was closed for
several hours while Emergency Services and Police carried out their

Emergency services from Waikouaiti, Waitati, and Dunedin attended. The
Waikouaiti Volunteer Brigade did an exceptional job given the enormity
they were confronted with.

They are a credit to our community and should be recognised for the
good work they do. Like Police and St John's Ambulance, the Volunteer
Fire Brigade attend many incidents, helping countless amounts of
people in need, Police recognise their commitment and service to the

Other crashes this month included a four wheel drive which rolled onto
its side at Waitati, as a result of a diesel spill in the south bound
lane of State Highway One which began at about Hawksbury and continued
into Dunedin. The spill occurred on Anzac Day morning in poor weather
conditions and many motorists had difficulty maintaining control of
their vehicles.

That afternoon another crash occurred, on this occasion at Flag Swamp
near Jefferis Road. A van carrying five intellectually handicapped
people from Balclutha rolled. Thankfully no-one received any
significant injuries. Inquiries are continuing regarding this.

In anumber of the crashes which have occurred, it has been sheer luck
that no-one was seriously injured or killed. The winter months are
here and road conditions on occasion may be treacherous, please
remember to take care and drive to the conditions.

Ten traffic incidents were also reported, the incidents included tired
drivers weaving and crossing the centre line, drivers tailgating,
passengers throwing bottles onto the roadway, and stock finding its
way onto the State Highway, these examples represent a small
percentage of hazards that confront other road users travelling within
our area.

During the evening of the 9th of April 2007, eight youths from
Palmerston, Dunback, Waikouaiti, and Karitane stole several cars from
Palmerston, Balclutha, Dunedin, and Waikouaiti. The young people went
on a crime spree which included car thefts, unlawfully getting into
stolen vehicles, attempted car thefts, wilful damage, driving
offences, and theft. The children were aged between twelve and fifteen
years; all will be referred to Youth Aid with the main offender likely
to be prosecuted.

Theft from rural properties features again this month with 50 litres
of diesel being taken from one property and a concrete mixer from
another. Rural addresses will often be seen by criminals as a soft
target due to their isolation. Farmers, don't let your isolation lull
you into a sense of security, make sure you lock equipment away and
report stolen property to Police as soon as it is noticed missing.

Two addresses along Henry Street, Waikouaiti, have reported mail going
missing from their letterboxes in the last couple of months. It would
appear there is a mail thief living in the vicinity. If you have
noticed your mail going missing lately and live in that part of town,
please contact the Waikouaiti Police. Police have identified the
culprit and that person will be dealt will by Dunedin Youth Aid.

Finally, during the evening of the 25th of April 2007, a domestic
dispute occurred between a mother and her thirteen year old son which
concluded outside the local Police Station. As a result the thirteen
year old boy was transported by Police to CYF's care in Oamaru.

Remember, be vigilant when travelling and always drive to the
conditions. If you require information regarding road conditions
telephone Transit New Zealand on 0800 44 44 49.

If you see anything suspicious or if you wish to speak to the Police
regarding any other matter you can contact us on 03 465 9127 or 027
436 9302. In emergencies dial 111. Until next month, take care.

by Constable Jon-Paul Tremain
New Zealand Police, Waikouaiti